Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February means...

February 1st means.... love is in the air.  

While the boys were at school, Leyton made a few Valentine's with his favorite Target find, Blaze Truck.

I thought it would be a fun for the boys to come home from school to a few surprises.  I set the table with Valentine snacks and little love notes in their mailboxes.  For snacks, I used brownies that I made over the weekend and made fruit kabobs.

I added a little toy for each boy that I just happen to find in the container when I went to get the mailboxes.  Everyone was surprised, even Leyton.


Its hard to believe that it is already February and not to mention 14 days until Valentine's Day!   This was definitely a fun surprise to a Monday afternoon as we begin our countdown of love.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Days

Our life lately has been a lot of the same thing....basketball, baseball training, ice skating, skiing, soccer and school.  Nothing too exciting as you can see but I do want to remember these cold winter days as we look back through our memories in a few years.  On Saturday, a few neighborhood kids met at the pond for a little pick up hockey game.  Rylan was over there in a matter of seconds.   Our boys do not play hockey as a sport however, they really have picked up the game to be able to play for fun.  One of the Dad's played collegiate Hockey and had the kids doing drills to work on their skills and chasing him around the pond for speed.  This was perfect for Rylan.  I will tell you that even though Rylan does not play hockey as an organized sport, he is actually pretty good on his skates and can hold his own during a game.  And on the particular Saturday, he was in to to win it.  HA!

Rylan had basketball this day as well.  Rylan loved basketball when we lived in Ohio.  He played Upward, which they do not have here, he played games, practiced and so forth.  Last year he HATED the local basketball league that everyone was playing because they only practice, no scrimmages, no games, just practice drills.  In Rylan's eyes, that's no fun.  So this year we decided to try a different league hoping it would be a better experience but it is much the same.  For some reason here they do no play games until the kids are in 3rd Grade and even then, they do not keep score.  So at Rylan's age, they just practice...which if you know Rylan that is not cutting it, he wants to play.  This was a scrimmage from his "practice".

The smile is from Rylan stealing the ball and making a basket!

Sunday, Holden had a basketball tournament in the Dells.  The first game he played two of his baseball teammates and WON.  It was such a good game and Holden played great defense.  The second game was a good game as well and his team WON again.

Thankfully Rylan and Leyton have friends that just happen to be younger brothers of his teammates and a lot of the games are spent playing like this.....

The third game was a battle!  The entire game it went back and forth but in the end, Holden's team came up short by 2 points.


The boys played so hard and their coach was extremely proud.  After the game, the team meet at trampoline park for some fun!  They ran around, played and ate lots of pizza before heading back home.  I am not sure how the kids were still standing after all that playing but they had a blast.

Monday the kids were out of school for Teacher Inservice and originally we had planned to meet some friends at Cascade Mountain to ski but after a full day on Sunday, the kids decided they had rather stay at home. {Whew, thank goodness!}  With no real plans, the boys really wanted to just go ice skating at the pond.  Shortly after we arrived, several other kids arrived as well.  It quickly turned into pick up games and a day full of fun.

Leyton was even out there show us his skills!

The boys were out on the ice for hours before the snow began to fall.  Yes, more snow!  However, not enough to call off school so back to school the boys went.  After homework was finished, they headed back on the ice for some more skating!

Wednesday was the last ski lesson and they were able to ski all of the green trails by themselves.  Of course Holden and Rylan stayed together and I had them check in with me after each run since Leyton and I were in the lodge.  They both did an amazing job picking up skiing.  It really is a lifetime sport that they will love forever.


Next week they begin snowboard lessons.  I think it is safe to say that we are making the most of this winter with all of the snow.