Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 36}

A week of chaos, routines, and new experiences….

This morning, I attended the boys first school Mass.  I thought I would share our experience. First let me start out by saying that we are not Catholic however, Holden and Rylan are attending a Catholic school.  {We were told that only 50% of the students are Catholic} Back to our experience and lessons learned...I probably should have explained the concept of Holy water to Rylan before he looked at his teacher like she was crazy, I again probably should have explain to Holden not to partake in communion but to ask for a blessing but instead he followed the student beside him and took communion but when it came to drink the wine, my germaphobic child waved and said, "No, thank you" ohhh, bless his heart, then Leyton found great joy in the kneeling bench and proceeded to put it up and down, and up and down.  Once the lady seated behind us hushed us for the second time we spent the remainder of service in the hall where Leyton found the Holy water as well. Good times!
My take away from the experience is that yes, I should have better prepared the kids ahead of time but thankfully we have found a school that is welcoming and loving and they did not think twice about it.  I also was reminded that no matter who you are or where you live, all parents want what is best for their children. We all pray that they find Godly friends and teachers that are positive influences on their lives.  Happy Wednesday! {September 3}

First practice of the season and Rylan was a flag pulling machine.

Leyton was hot, sweaty and a future player. {September 4}

The beautiful night sky. {September 5}

Our aggressive soccer player scored 9 GOALS this morning.  {September 6}

Sarah was one of the first people I met when we moved to Cincinnati.  We instantly became friends.  We did playgroups, potlucks, Mom's night out and spent many hours working out together.  She is one amazing girl!  Two years ago, her and her family relocated to Minnesota.  I was so sad.  But today, they were in Madison for the Ironman Race.  We got to catch up for a few hours and we all picked up just like it was yesterday.  {September 7}


Holden was extremely disappointed when he found out that tackle football does not begin until 4th grade here.  After lots of convincing, we finally talked him into playing flag football.  Sure, it is not the same but he seemed to enjoy his first game and their first WIN of the season.  {September 8}

And all of a sudden, this ball of energy turned 6!!  {September 9}

First Day of School

Last week was the boys first day of school.  Before school, I tried to take as many pictures of these two as I could but the whole time I was thinking, bless these teachers hearts.

Holden was a bit nervous about his first day of Third Grade.

New school, new friends,  whereas, Rylan was so excited for his first day of Kindergarten.

Much like their personalities!

Since our day to day life is a little bit crazy at the moment, I ended up just doing flowers for their teachers.

Don't worry, next year I will have crafty first day gifts ready to go. HA!

Once the bell rang, Holden wanted to go on his own to his locker and class so Kevin and I walked Rylan to his classroom.

This little Kindergartener sat right down and started playing.

After school I made our traditional "First Day of School" cookie.  Which these two goofballs LOVED!

I can not believe we have a Kindergartener and Third Grader!!  Where has the time gone!  As this school year begins,  I am praying for a smooth transition.  Sure I know there will be days when they miss their friends but I pray that they meet great friends here and that both Holden and Rylan have a great school year.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 35}

It's Back to School Night with these crazies!!  {August 27}

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe; especially after a sleepless night.  {August 28}

Small town Friday night. {August 29}

We had a full day celebrating Holden's 9th Birthday.  It started off with birthday donuts and ended with birthday ice cream sundaes.  In other words, it was a day filled with love and lots of sweets, just how every birthday should be celebrated. {August 30}

Pure Joy.{August 31}

Tomorrow, he will be a Kindergartner.  {September 1}

First Day of School for these brothers.  3rd and Kindergarten teachers, bless your hearts.
{September 2}

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holden turns 9!!!!

It's hard to believe that 9 years ago Holden came into this world.  It honestly seems like yesterday.  This year was a bit different from years past in celebrating.  We did a full week of celebrating with Holden's best friend Grant.  We went to Kings Island, had a sleepover, went swimming, went to Laser Kraze, played basketball, and shared lots of ice cream together.  I feel bad that we did not have a huge party with all of his friends but when I asked Holden what he wanted to do, this was his birthday plan before we left Ohio.

Yesterday, we let Holden decide what he wanted to do all day.  It mostly involved food.  He wanted donuts for breakfast, and instead of a cake, he wanted cookies and cream ice cream as his celebration dessert.

Part of Holden's plan for his day was to go to the Athletic club swimming but as luck would have it, it rained.  Instead we went anklet him pick out his big birthday gift…a geared bike.

Since the weather was still yucky, Kevin took the older two to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Our ninjas gave the movie two thumbs up!

To end the night, we watched the LSU-Wisconsin game and celebrated with our birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Holden!

Don't worry, today we filled his birthday request of going swimming at the Athletic Club.

As you can see, we all had a blast on our last day of summer hurrah.

Splash Pad Adventures

We are in a hotel for the next week before our temporary apartment is ready, (yes, this move has been an adventure!) So each day the boys and I have gone out exploring.  Mostly to parks, the Children's Museum, the lake and to some fabulous splash pads.  As soon as we spotted this park, Rylan yelled, "Can we go there?"  You know what buddy…sure we can.  First let me start by saying, Leyton could not wait to run through the water.  He was squealing with delight.  As soon as I put him down, he was off and running!

Gosh this little guy has no fear! Holden and Rylan played at the park for awhile before joining Leyton in the water.

Did I mention that this park was beautiful? I do not think the pictures do it justice, it is surrounded by ponds and prairie land.


This park was a win-win for us all.

We visited the Children's Museum as well this week, where we got to meet these cute little guys that hatched a month ago.

The boys also did lots of exploring at the museum as well.


Friday morning we were out early since the weather forecast was calling for rain however, it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  First we visited a neat castle park which had everything from a toddler zone to lots of climbing for the older two.  After everyone was good and hot, we headed over to the splash pad.  This splash pad was a farm theme and was adorable.  Again Leyton was so excited to get wet.  Once he was let down, he was running around like a wild man and was enjoying every second of the water.

 I actually think Holden and Rylan enjoyed this splash pad more because of the buckets of water that dropped from time to time.  They thought it was great to get under and to get drenched.

So while the boys enjoyed getting buckets of water dumped on them,  they also enjoyed seeing Leyton's reaction to it all as well.

I suppose it does not matter where we are, they will always have each other to entertain and have fun together.

School starts next week and even though I know we are all ready for a routine, I know we will miss these carefree days of summer.