Monday, February 20, 2017

This and That

This past week was one of those weeks I was just hoping it would be over.  Holden had a respiratory infection early in the week and then a few days later, this little guy was sick with an ear infection and a respiratory infection.

In between sicknesses, we celebrated Valentine's Day.  This year's school Valentine's were {Holden} "I wouldn't trade you for anything!"  {Rylan} "I totally dig you!"  {Leyton} "You make my heart race!"

All three had class parties with lots and lots of candy so instead of continuing the sugar overload, I opted for a special Valentine's dinner instead.

Thankfully on Friday everyone was feeling much better that we all could enjoy the 50 degree weather in Wisconsin!!!

You may be thinking 50 degrees, but after months of below freezing temperatures, 50 feels pretty fabulous!  Leyton and I spent most of Friday riding his big wheel, his bike and making our way to the park not once but twice.

Trust me, it is suppose to be "nice" until Thursday and then the snow returns but until then, the boys and I plan to spend as much time as we can enjoying the weather.

Next week is our last weekend of basketball for the boys and then we move on to lacrosse and baseball.  Tonight the boys went to a kickoff clinic for lacrosse led by the Marquette Men's Lacrosse team and coaches.  Such a cool experience for the boys.

With that said, this has been our life this past week full of sickness, basketball, Valentine's Day and great weather!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Ice Castles

Winter is extremely long and I am constantly looking family activities for us to do.  With that said, when I came across and ad for Ice Castles, I knew we just had to see these for ourselves.  Not knowing what to expect, I have to say we were all excited.  As we walked through the first castle the boys were amazed by all the icicles.


Once we reached the middle, this was the view....pretty amazing!

The boys ran straight over to the slides and tunnels.  And they went through over and over again.


We walked through one castle and the top was complete icicles.  Inside the each castle, the lights would change from time to time which was very cool.


We spent most of the night just walking around in awe of the all of the ice and sculptures.  It was like being in the movie Frozen!

I must say the Ice Castles were a winter must see attraction and I am so glad we were able to see this beauty on a not so frigid night.  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's been going on....

A little update on life around here.  Besides it being COLD, we have been busy with basketball, swimming and just hanging out around the house.

Last week I finally, had my pin removed from my toe.  My doctor did not put me under or numb the toe, instead he turned that top ball and just pulled the pin out!  It did not hurt until he started breaking up the scar tissue by moving my toe and that is when the real pain set in.   The only reason why brought the pin home was because I knew Kevin would not believe how long it really was...

As luck would have it, it snowed the next day and the kids were out of school for a SNOW DAY!

Leyton is really into Ninja Turtles these days and is constantly dressing up as his favorite ninja.  We've been busy making slime and crafts at home.

The school auction was this past weekend.  This years theme was "Derby".  Typically I take tons of pictures but this year I decided to help chair the auction and was busy most of the night.  However, a  friend of mine sent me these pictures from the night.


 Superbowl Sunday we were cheering for the Falcons but we all know what happened with that game....

Holden and Kevin joined some friends for the Bucks vs. Heat game.

Other than that, nothing else is going on just soaking up these crazy days.