Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sun, Sand and these three….

After spending most of our first day at the beach we decided to go out exploring on Monday morning.

 As much as I like to believe that Rylan is the energizer bunny, after about 5 miles, he was ready to ditch his bike.  Poor little thing was sweating and exhausted.

So we decided feed him to see if that would help but after walking around Seaside we thought it would be best to lock up his bike and let him ride with Leyton.

After a morning of exploring, we were ready for the beach.  There is just something about water and kids…its just pure fun.

Tuesday we decided to spend the entire day at the beach, and it was perfect.  There was hardly anyone out and the boys loved it!

Leyton was a champ napping on the beach.

Lots of fun in the sun for our first days in Florida!  

More family adventures to come soon.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Beach Trip

This year we switched things up a bit and decided to go to Florida instead of South Carolina.  Our ride there was eventful.  For some redo our GPS put us on this crazy dirt road for a couple of miles which with us, it is just comical.

But once we reached our destination the boys wanted to check out the pool instead of the beach…go figure.  But after being in the car forever, we did not care what we did and these little guys did not either.

Bright and early the next morning, we were out at the beach.  Seriously, Leyton has no fear!  He ran straight into the water!

Yes, he keeps us on our toes. My sister and her family were on their way back from their family vacation and stopped and spent the day with us.  The boys were so excited!


Thankfully, Allie did not mind three little intruders as she tried to lay out.  And Leyton lached right on to my sister.  If we would have timed it better we could have spent more time together but it just did not work out.  At least we got to spend the day with them.

Lots of fun, family and beach time on our first days of vacation!