Monday, May 16, 2016

Everyday Joys {Week 19}

A recap of our week.....

This kid just said to me, "Welcome to muscle beach."  Where in the world does he come up with this stuff!  {May 6}

Kevin and I snuck away after a full day of sports for a rooftop dinner downtown.  Such a fun night and the views were great as well.  {May 7}

I was surprised this morning with a Mother's Day breakfast in bed made with love by my three little ones.  Hence the ice cream and chocolate syrup.   {May 8}

Look who found his way into my cozy and sweet. {May 9}

Warm strawberry cookies on a dreary day.  {May 10}

Wednesdays are made a little sweeter with a surprise donut date after story time.{May 11}

Over the years, I have fallen in LOVE with gardening and it has become my happy place.  I think Audrey Hepburn describes gardening best, "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." Happy planting.  {May 12}


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Visitors and Mother's Day

This past Thursday, Kevin's parents came in town for a visit.  I am not so sure they knew what they were getting themselves into!  As soon as the boys came home from school, they were outside playing home run derby.  Thankfully, the weather was somewhat decent.


Friday, the boys had an all school field trip to Great Wold Lodge and I was a, fun, fun.

Leyton stayed at home with the grandparents and was spoiled.

Saturday morning we were out early for a full day of sports.  First, Rylan had a soccer game and was totally in his element running up and down the field.  He was entertaining to watch, especially since he has no fear.

Next up, Holden had two lacrosse games.  I think my inlaws got a kick out of the craziness of this game.  Holden played hard and made a goal!

Last game of the day was Rylan's baseball game.

Rylan went 3 for 3 at bat and made a couple of play in the field.  But the best part of the game was that his team won!

It was a long day of sports and the grandparents were troopers.

(Wondering where Holden is?  He went to a birthday party after lacrosse with a friend.  That is why he is not in the family picture....we tried!)

Once the kids were settled, Kevin and I snuck out for dinner downtown.  We tried a new place and it had the best views.

Sunday morning, the boys surprised me, well, they told me to get back in bed, with breakfast in bed.  Don't you just love the ice cream for breakfast?!

They gave me some sweet cards, and handmade gift and some new hydrangeas.
While we were planting, Rylan found a frog...good times!


It was a busy visit but a fun one!  I know my inlaws were ready to head home after this visit so that they could get some rest!  As we all know, life with three active boys is exhausting!  

Everyday Joys {Week 18}

A recap of our life lately.....

A cold night at the ball field.  {April 29}

Busy Saturday morning with soccer, lacrosse and baseball games.  It's nice to have a moment together before the day begins.  Happy Saturday.  {April 30}

Holden played his first two lacrosse games in the rain.  He played hard and made his first goal in the second game!  I should mention, he also received two penalties as well.  HAHA!  It was fun to watch him play but i must admit, I do not understand the game at all!   {May 1}

These two boys are in shock... they just got Los Angeles Angels player Mike Trout's autograph.  {May 2}

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."  Babe Ruth{May 3}

An early Mother's Day school gift from Holden.  He said he knew I loved pink, which I do.  I love these special school gifts each year.  {May 4}

We, meaning me, survived the school field trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  It was fun but keeping up with this crew was a full time job.  {May 5}