Thursday, July 2, 2015

Everyday Joys {Week 26}

Here is a recap of our week.....

It's going down!  {June 25}

Fresh from the garden.  {June 26}

Always an adventure with these two.  {June 27}

We were at the Woodside Ho Down Baseball Tournament this weekend and it was only fitting that they have pony and wagon rides for the kids.  {June 28}


Catch me if you can.  {June 29}

Best part of the day.  {June 30}

Tennis lessons.  {July 1}

Everyday Joys {Week 25}

Here is a recap of our week....

UW Badger Football Camp for these future players.  {June 18}

The first week of summer break is exhausting.  {June 19}

The rain has delayed games for today and this little guy was completely done!  {But he made sure no one would touch his bat.}  {June 20}

Here we go again...Let's go Rays!  {June 21}

Burning off some energy on this rainy Monday morning.  {June 22}

"Mom, do I look like a REAL football player?"  {June 23}

1,2,3 jump!  {June 24}

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Strawberry Picking

Our weekends have been full with baseball games,  so we have not had time for much of anything else.  I decided not to wait much longer and take the boys berry picking.  The u-pick season seems to be much shorter here so I wanted to make sure we got to a farm before we missed the picking season.

I found a farm that was close to our house but as soon as we got there, I realized it had been pretty picked over.  The boys were able to pick a few strawberries and they tasted a few as well.

Rylan and Leyton did not seem to mind that they did not get that many strawberries but Holden was a little disappointed.  I had written down another address of a u-pick farm and decided since the weather was not fantastic and we did not have any plans we might as well check it out.  But before we left this farm, we stopped to see the cows and animals.

As soon as we pulled up to Bures Farm, I knew this was the place.  The strawberries were beautiful.

All three of the boys were into picking until they spotted Rosco....all of a sudden my two dog loving little ones followed this dog around while poor Holden was left picking.

But he did great job and ended up picking almost 6 pounds.


This farm had u-pick snap peas.  We picked some peas as well.


Before leaving, the boys played in the corn table and we visited the chickens at the barn.

On the way home, we stopped for ice cream.  A perfect ending to our berry picking day.