Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas

We wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! We are so thankful for our wonderful family and friends. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

With love,
The Port Family

Holden & Rylan Christmas 2008

Girls Night Out

This past year has been a busy one! Each one of the girls in our playgroup has had their second child-so we have had a tough time getting together. However, we made time this past Wednesday night at Village Tavern for a couple of much needed drinks:) And each of us were SO glad we did! We all caught up and shared a couple of great laughs. I am sure all of our husbands ears were burning from the stories we were telling! Thanks for such a great night girls. Look forward to many more in 2009.

Jenn R., Michele, Beth, Jenn W., Me

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Breakfast with the Clauses

The Boys with the Clauses

There are several Breakfast with Santa's around town, but we have been going to the same one for the past 3 years. The "Seniors" of Alpharetta put it together, and the first year I did not know what to expect since it did not cost anything except an unwrapped gift. All the other ones were expensive and elaborate...Santa comes in on a firetruck, Santa and pancakes and so on. But to my surprise, I was impressed! They really do a great job, each one is dressed in holiday gear and are so excited to see the kids. Since Holden was not very happy with the mall Santa, I was reluctant about going to breakfast with the Clauses. However, we had registered for the event weeks ago, I thought we would try it anyways. Thankfully, it was a hit! He told both Santa and Mrs. Clause what he wanted for Christmas. But even though he was thrilled to see Santa and Mrs. Clause, I think the highlight was the balloon guy....he made a sword and holder! What a morning with Santa:)

The Family with the Clauses

Kevin and Holden talking to the balloon guy

Holden happy about his sword and holder!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Picture Says It All....

I met my friend Michele at the mall to have the kids pictures made with Santa on Friday. It's hard to say if Holden was scared of Santa or if he was just in a bad mood. Either way, the pictures says it all...

The only person that looks happy is the jolly old man! At least when the boys are older we can sit back and laugh at all the Santa photos. (Gotta love the boots! Holden had to have his pants tucked into his cowboy boots that morning and I really did not feel like arguing)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Playing...

Just had to post a couple of pictures of the boys playing....

Holden "the Prince"

Holden at Jesus' Birthday Celebration

The boys cuddling

Helping dad

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pink Pig

When I think about Christmas, I always think about the Pink Pig....not really! But this is an Atlanta tradition.

A little background: Priscilla got her start in 1953 at Rich’s department store in downtown Atlanta. For years, she gave kids a view of the store’s toy department and rode around proudly with her friend, Percival. But when that venerable institution closed, she became a bit more wayward. She spent some time at the Atlanta History Center first, and then went to the Festival of Trees held by Egleston Children’s Hospital. In 2003, also her 50th birthday, she came to the Macy’s at Lenox Square. And she’s been proudly twirling little kids in circles since then.

Since this this a Christmas tradition, Holden's class met for a field trip at the Pink Pig. The kids had a great time riding on the train and then they all had their picture made with Santa.

Ms. Jan's Class with Santa-(It was raining so Holden said he NEEDED his boots. He loves his rain boots-must be a boy thing!)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Children's Nativity

This past Sunday Holden and I attended the Children's Nativity at church. Each year the Children's Choir puts on a concert to tell the story of Jesus' birth. It was really amazing to see how much Holden already knew about Jesus' birth, Mary & Joseph, the Shepard's, and the wise men. The entire concert he kept asking me where certain people were or asking when certain people where coming out. He also kept asking why Mary was leaving baby Jesus...(Mary had a little stage freight) and telling me he wanted to dress up and sing. So, in January Holden will be able to join the choir. I am sure there will be some funny stories to come.

SEC Weekend

Florida vs. Alabama
What a weekend at the Port household! On Friday, Kevin and our friend Sean took Holden and Grant to the SEC Fan Fair. Kevin and Sean both graduated together from Florida so of course both boys were decked out in their Florida gear as they headed downtown. With it being Friday and knowing Atlanta traffic, they decided to take Marta, Atlanta's transit train, to the Georgia Dome. Holden and Grant LOVED the train!

At Fan Fair the boys ran around the flag football field, threw footballs, and as boys do, tackled! They had so much fun!!

Holden and Grant on Marta

The boys have the same jacket and we did not know it!

Future Tim Tebow's

The big game was Saturday and Kevin could only get 2 tickets so instead of taking me, his wife, he asked his Dad. As many of you may know, Holden loves the Gators. Despite my repeated attempts, Holden will not cheer for Ole Miss. Sadly, it is a lost cause. With that being said, Holden cried when they left for the game saying he would sit still if he could go to the game, but he was stuck at home with me and Rylan. However, I promised we would watch the game! So we watched some of the game as Holden ran around saying he was Holden Tim Tebow. Final score of the game 31-20!!

Tim Tebow

Dad-Daddy (Kevin's Dad)

Final Score 31-20

Great game Gators! See you all at the National Championship game in Miami!!!

Christmas Program

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way....

The annual Preschool Christmas program was Thursday, and what a program it was! Holden was excited about singing before he went to school, and I told him that we would be there to watch him perform. I was wondering if he would really sing this year or just yell "That's my Mommy" or "Hey Daddy" and wave while everyone else sang (That was what he did at the Spring Program). But to my surprise, he sang and even "performed" for everyone. What I mean by "perform," he was acting like he was playing the guitar and stomping his foot as he was singing! It was a sight to see! I think Aunt Jen almost cried, she was laughing so hard.

The kids sang the following songs:

Gotta Sing
Christmas Day Will Soon Be Here
Stomp, Stomp, Stomp
O Come, Little Children
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Jingle Bells
We Wish You A Merry Christmas

After the program, several parents came up to me and said he was really "groovin'" and that they enjoyed watching him in the show.

I think maybe his calling is to perform-we will have to work on the singing but he has the audience captivated!

Holden is the one on the far left 4th row-Dancing

Gingerbread House

I remember as a child making gingerbread houses at my Memaw's when school was let out for the Christmas holiday. Back then we made them out of graham crackers, icing and milk cartons. Thankfully, there is an easier way now...a gingerbread house kit! It may be easier but as the pictures illustrate, it is just as messy!
I think Holden ate more cookies than what actually made it to our roof-but we made some great memories!

Working hard on the Gingerbread house

Eating the icing, of course!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deja vu??

Today I dressed Rylan and remebered a picture that I had taken of Holden in the same outfit. I could not believe how much they look alike. Rylan is a little bit bigger than Holden was but they look the same to me!

Rylan 2 months old

Holden 4 months old

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

There is something about the day after Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday, that I love! It may be getting great deals, or having all my shopping done in one day or maybe it gets me in the spirit of Christmas with the music and the crowds. Either way, every year I always get up early and stand in line with all the other eager shoppers for the best bargain. This year was no different! Rylan woke up around 3:50 am to eat so after that I decided to go ahead and get dressed and go shopping! With my coupons, budget and list in hand I ventured out! I went to Sam's, Toys 'R Us, Target, and Dick's Sporting Goods all before 7:00 am! Then I went home to check on the boys (seeing that Rylan would not take a bottle, I kind of had to go home for a bit). After everyone was fed, I then headed to Macy's and Bath & Body Works. What a morning! I still had two more stores on my list, but I at least have 26 more shopping days until Christmas. If anyone is up for joining me next year let me know, I will be out again. Happy shopping!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Magical Lights at Lake Lanier

Wednesday night we made the trip to Lake Lanier to see the Magical Lights. We had not been before so we did not know what to expect. We drove around the lake and each section had a theme such as Teddy Bear Lane, 12 Days of Christmas and so on. Surprisingly, the lights were really good! At the end of the tour we stopped at the Christmas Village to have hot chocolate and roast marshmallows at the fire pits. If I would have know this, I would have brought graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows to make s'mores! I guess we will be ready for next year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rylan before going to Thanksgiving dinner at Dad-Daddy and Grammy's house.

(What a cute turkey!)

Holden and cousin Wesley at Dad-Daddy and Grammy's house

(The other two turkey's)

The beautiful wreathe Wesley made! It smells so wonderful that I wish we had a real tree!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in Alpharetta. We had our family dinner at the grandparents house. Additionally, my cousin Wesley came from South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with us! Holden had so much fun playing with him. He even wore a belt to match Wesley! Holden did not want to let him leave, he kept saying 2 more minutes. But poor Wesley had to work on Friday, so he had to get back home. We are so grateful that he made the trip to spend the day with us.

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for our many blessings...a wonderful loving family, healthy and happy children, and most of all each other. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Cookies

It is cold and rainy here, so most of our activities have been inside. I saw a cute cookie craft in Family Fun magazine this month and decided to try it. We made turkeys out of Oreos and candy corn for Thanksgiving. They came out pretty cute if I do say so myself! However, I think Holden ate more of the candy than what actually ended up on the turkeys but it gave us something to do. Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving Feast

Time for the Thanksgiving Feast! Just like the Pilgrims and Indians... well not exactly.
Holden celebrated Thanksgiving with his preschool classmates today. They had the typical Thanksgiving foods, however, I think most of them just ate the goldfish and fruit but they had a great time. After their feast, Ms. Jan read a book and they played Thanksgiving games like Pin the Hat on Tom the Turkey and Duck Duck Turkey! Fun was had by all!

Date with Dad

Holden and Davis (he is the one in the red)

Last Thursday, Holden had "Date With Dad" at school. Holden was so excited to take his Daddy to school with him. I told Kevin before he went into his classroom to look on the wall at the poster "All About My Dad". I had read it the day before and could not stop laughing! Here are some of the questions that they asked and Holden's reply: What is your Dad's name- "Phillip" How old is your dad-"1 year old" How tall is your dad-"This Tall" What color is your dad's hair-"Brown" What does your dad do at work-"Hammer" What is you dad's favorite food-"Cheerios" What is your favorite thing to do with your dad-"Play Swords". To explain a couple of the responses I asked Holden in the car what was Daddy's name he said, "It is not Kevin, I want it to be Phillip", I said "Why do you want it to be Phillip" and Holden says "because Davis' dad's name is Phillip." With that being said I just laughed because two other boys had their dad's name as Phillip too (which their dad's names are not Phillip either). Davis must have a big following in the 3 year olds!
Kevin said he had a great time watching the kids recite the pledge of allegiance, sing the days of the week, and count with the number song. As a gift for the dad's they painted pictures and traced the outline of their feet beside their dad's outline. It was really cute!