Friday, October 24, 2008

Disney On Ice

"It's Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy! Look it's Mater and Lightning McQueen! It's the Prince on the Pirate Ship and the Little Mermaid! And look it's Tinker Bell!" These were the little screams I heard at the Disney On Ice field trip today. Holden was so excited to see the characters that he talked the entire way down to Philips Arena about who all he was going to see.

Ever since our trip to the "Most Magical Place on Earth" last year he has fallen in love, well, let me rephrase that, become obsessed with the Princes in all the Disney movies. Not Princesses but Princes why you ask, because they have swords and shields. For the longest time, I tried to steer him away from the swords and such but finally I gave in! Now he wants to be known as the "Orange Prince". Not only because orange is his favorite color, but because in Sleeping Beauty the Prince has an orange cape (I really think it is red but over time the colors on the movies have faded and now it looks orange-ish) and he throws his sword at the dragon-which is just the coolest! So he was hoping Sleeping Beauty would be at the show but no such luck! However, he was mesmerized by all the other characters so it did not matter. It is so funny to watch him-he looks so intense and is memorizing EVERYTHING! You think I am exaggerating but I promise he can remember what someone says or what color pants a character is wearing. He just sat there and ate his popcorn and watched the show!

On the car ride home he did say "Momma the Orange Prince was not there" I told him "Maybe next time." He said "He must be fighting the dragon" "Yes, He must be!"

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