Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Fun

For the past 3 years, we have gone as a family to pick pumpkins at the pumpkin farm. This year was no different. We packed a cooler full of snacks and lunch for our day in the North Georgia Mountains. First stop was Burt's Pumpkin Farm (yes, we went with the preschool but it was raining so bad that we really did not get to do everything) so we rode the hayride, picked pumpkins, ate boiled peanuts, and had a picnic lunch. We had so much fun! After lunch we drove a couple of miles to our next destination, BJ Reese's Apple Orchards to pick apples. We did this last year and Holden had so much fun that we wanted to make it part of our fall tradition. I think he enjoyed it more this year because he could climb the trees and not get in trouble!

After a fun but long day, we made our way back home with both boys sleeping in the car! Baby Rylan was such a good sport-he slept practically the entire time. Next year will be a different story with two boys in the trees!


Amy said...

Such fun! I hope to have a little one that I can do that with some day! Those pumpkins are HUGE!

Kendra said...

Liz! I'm so happy I found your blog via Kate's. Rylan is beautiful. I don't think I knew you were expecting again until he arrived! You know Jaime, not one for details. :) I've been meaning to call your grandmother to find out what you named him...I love it. Happy to see all is well. Hope to see you soon.

Christi said...

Hey, Liz! I, too, found your blog via Kate's. I see your grandmother every so often and she keeps me a little up-to-date on you all. Your boys are beautiful! I also have 2 boys (16mos and 3) and boy is it wild!!!