Saturday, October 11, 2008

Go Shooters!!!

This is Holden's first year of soccer, and Kevin and I were so excited! We just knew he would love it. He loves to run and kick-this was his calling, we just knew it. Well, I think we were wrong! Each week on the way to practice or to a game, he will say "Momma, I am going to slide in to base today" then I reply, "No, Holden this is not baseball. In soccer you run and kick the ball." Or "Momma, I am going to tackle just like Tim Tebow" then I reply, "No, Holden this is not football, we do not tackle. You run and kick the ball." Once we get to the field, he will play a little and then decide he does not want to play any more or he will not play at all. But this week, the grandparents wanted to come and watch. We tried to warn them that he may not play. They still wanted to come. However, to our surprise, he did play and even kicked the ball! I have the pictures to prove it! We may have a little soccer player on our hands after all. Well, maybe I should not go that far but at least he had a blast. We are so proud of you Holden! And thanks to Dad-Daddy and Grammy for coming to watch.

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