Thursday, October 23, 2008

Harvest Party

Preschool is full of fun activities and parties! Ones of these includes the Harvest Party! Since we go to a Christian school, we do not really celebrate Halloween, instead, we celebrate the fall harvest. Last year the kids were allowed to wear their costumes but they decided not to do that this year. For each party I always like for Holden to give his friends a "little treat bag" of something. For this party he decided to give his friends a pumpkin sippy cup and stickers.

The kids enjoyed pizza, fruit, and a cookie for lunch. Each one decorated a bucket for Halloween and played "Little Bunny FuFu" . For a special treat one of Holden's classmates, Matthew's brother Jonathan read them a story. I think they all had a fun time.

I did not sign up to help with this party, and Holden asked where I was but we have to rotate who gets to attend each party. These pictures were so funny to me because he is at a table of girls and then at story time he looks like he is just not interested. You never know what is going through their little minds.

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