Saturday, October 25, 2008

He is making his list...

He is making his list, he is checking it twice...The Toys 'R Us Christmas Wish book arrived today in the mail, and Holden has started making his list for Santa. Yes, Christmas is 2 months away, but at our house we think Santa or as we like to call him "HOHO" is coming in a couple of days! So far the letter looks like this:

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year, well, Mommy says most of the time. I would like you to bring me the following toys; a castle with an orange prince and a dragon, an orange Tim Tebow football helmet (the real helmet), an orange Tim Tebow football sweatshirt, and a motorized John Deere Tractor like Madalyn's. And for Rylan, bring him something for a baby.

Thank you Santa. You can play with my new toys too.

I love you,

You wonder who he gets his love of the Gators from?? Let just say it is not me!
I am sure this list will change before Christmas, but this is what he had me write on Friday. Sometimes I wish I was a child again, with so much excitement about making a Christmas list!

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Amy said...

No no no, we must do something about this Tebow thing. How about an Ole Miss helmet or something. It would look much nicer, and i won't dare say something orange-hehe, only because I know better.