Monday, November 24, 2008

Date with Dad

Holden and Davis (he is the one in the red)

Last Thursday, Holden had "Date With Dad" at school. Holden was so excited to take his Daddy to school with him. I told Kevin before he went into his classroom to look on the wall at the poster "All About My Dad". I had read it the day before and could not stop laughing! Here are some of the questions that they asked and Holden's reply: What is your Dad's name- "Phillip" How old is your dad-"1 year old" How tall is your dad-"This Tall" What color is your dad's hair-"Brown" What does your dad do at work-"Hammer" What is you dad's favorite food-"Cheerios" What is your favorite thing to do with your dad-"Play Swords". To explain a couple of the responses I asked Holden in the car what was Daddy's name he said, "It is not Kevin, I want it to be Phillip", I said "Why do you want it to be Phillip" and Holden says "because Davis' dad's name is Phillip." With that being said I just laughed because two other boys had their dad's name as Phillip too (which their dad's names are not Phillip either). Davis must have a big following in the 3 year olds!
Kevin said he had a great time watching the kids recite the pledge of allegiance, sing the days of the week, and count with the number song. As a gift for the dad's they painted pictures and traced the outline of their feet beside their dad's outline. It was really cute!

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That is so cute!