Monday, December 8, 2008

SEC Weekend

Florida vs. Alabama
What a weekend at the Port household! On Friday, Kevin and our friend Sean took Holden and Grant to the SEC Fan Fair. Kevin and Sean both graduated together from Florida so of course both boys were decked out in their Florida gear as they headed downtown. With it being Friday and knowing Atlanta traffic, they decided to take Marta, Atlanta's transit train, to the Georgia Dome. Holden and Grant LOVED the train!

At Fan Fair the boys ran around the flag football field, threw footballs, and as boys do, tackled! They had so much fun!!

Holden and Grant on Marta

The boys have the same jacket and we did not know it!

Future Tim Tebow's

The big game was Saturday and Kevin could only get 2 tickets so instead of taking me, his wife, he asked his Dad. As many of you may know, Holden loves the Gators. Despite my repeated attempts, Holden will not cheer for Ole Miss. Sadly, it is a lost cause. With that being said, Holden cried when they left for the game saying he would sit still if he could go to the game, but he was stuck at home with me and Rylan. However, I promised we would watch the game! So we watched some of the game as Holden ran around saying he was Holden Tim Tebow. Final score of the game 31-20!!

Tim Tebow

Dad-Daddy (Kevin's Dad)

Final Score 31-20

Great game Gators! See you all at the National Championship game in Miami!!!

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