Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

I feel like we have been cooped up for the last couple of weeks, so when the weather is slightly warmer we take advantage of it. We had fun playing baseball and then my country boy decided he wanted to ride his tractor and "plow the yard". It looks more like he is trying to race or crash instead of plowing to me! I keep wondering if Spring will ever get here!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Apples, Please

Rylan is really enjoying his fruits and vegetables. I tried to catch a picture of him grabbing the spoon but it is hard trying to feed and take the picture at the same time. But you can see his little hand on the right side grabbing the spoon to get in his mouth! Just so cute!

"More apples, please"

Mystery Reader

Kevin was the Mystery Reader at Holden's school today. Kevin said that Holden was beyond thrilled when he opened his eyes to see it was Daddy! He ran over and gave him a big hug. Kevin selected to read "If You Give A Pig A Pancake", "A Silly Snow Day", and "The Kiss That Missed" one of Holden's favorites! Today was especially special because it was also pajama and pancake day. What a life-I wish I was three again!

When Holden opened his eyes to see it was Daddy!

Big Brother

Holden is turning out to be a great big brother! He loves reading to Rylan even though he makes up half of the story. He also has been a great help giving Rylan something to play with and trying to play with him. The past couple of days I've caught some sweet moments of Holden and Rylan together.

Talking to Rylan as he is playing and rolling over

Reading Miss Spider's Tea Party

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rocky-Part III

It seems like Holden always has some type of injury every 6 to 8 months. And that injury usually happens to one of his eyes. When he was 18 months old, he bumped the corner of a playground structure and somehow split open his left eyelid. We probably needed stitches, but we didn't know at the time. As you can see, we have some great pictures of the accident. About 6 months later, we were putting up the Christmas tree and he fell headfirst into the table, resulting in a split, right eyelid. This injury required stitches. So now, we have matching scars. I thought perhaps we were such luck! Last night, he was walking (I am sure he was running) to get books and walked into the wall and hit his right eye. Thankfully, no blood, just the early stages of a black eye. And if that were not enough, he was walking into gymnastics and the door hit him in the head so hard it knocked him to the ground. We should probably give him a helmet. These "accidents" usually happen in threes and if that is the case, I am waiting on the next one to occur any day now!

18 month accident "Rocky Part I"

2 years old Christmas Accident "Rocky Part II"

The Latest Accident "Rocky Part III"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

But Momma I HAD to break the spell

Let me start out by saying, Holden has a great imagination. After school yesterday, I asked the typical questions, how was your day, what did you do, what did you learn, and who did you play with? Everyday this changes, but a lot of the time he will say he played with Princess Hannah especially if some of the other boys are out sick. Monday, the class celebrated Hannah's "Half-Birthday". This is a celebration for all of the children that have birthday's in the summer. They have a day to have a birthday celebration at school so they do not feel left out. Holden told me that she brought muffin cookies and she dressed up as Snow White. Holden loves Snow White, so I knew there had to be a story coming! He told me that he was the Prince and that Princess Snow White Hannah ate the poisonous apple and fell asleep. Playing along with the story, I said "Oh no, poor Snow White" Holden said, "Do not worry Momma, I fought the evil Queen and kissed Snow White and broke the spell." I was surprised and asked, did you KISS Hannah? "Yes, I HAD too, I HAD to break the spell!" Between my laughs, I tried to explain that we should not kiss at school, we do not want to spread germs. But the Prince's response was "I HAD too!"

To see if this story was true, I asked Ms. Jan this morning at drop off. Ms. Jan was laughing and said she did not see them kiss but they were pretending to eat the poisonous apple and ride off to the I am sure the story is true. Ms. Jan and Ms. Julie both agreed that he has a great imagination and he is a great actor! So move over Brad Pitt, "Prince" Holden Port is going for the Oscar!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Girls Night Out

One of my 2009 New Years Resolutions was to make more time for my girl friends and have fun.! So, I decided to see if some of them wanted to get together each month for a night out. I knew if we went ahead and made a schedule for the year it would be easier for all of us to plan to get together. We decided that the 3rd Saturday of each month would be our monthly "Girls Night Out". Our first outing was to Milton's for dinner. Milton's is 150 year-old farmhouse & 1930's cottage that was restored and is now a restaurant. Great for getting the girls together for dinner and drinks! We all had a great time and shared many laughs! Looking forward to February's Girls Night at All Fired Up.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The view from my window....

Weather here has been so crazy! We have had so many storms and wind advisories that you never know what to expect. While Kevin was grilling out the other night he looked up to see a result of one of the many storms. He came inside to tell me to look out the window-and what did I see???

Well, the tree is not on our property but when it falls it will be! So like any good neighbor, Kevin went to let the neighbor know about the tree. (our house backs up to another neighborhood, so it is their property and tree) And what did they say, "that is not our tree!" What to do next? So we called the insurance company and they said that they can not do anything until the tree falls and does damage but suggested calling the City of Alpharetta. Next step, call the city. And their answer was, it is private property and that they can not do anything. So where do we stand??? Waiting on a tree to fall-Hopefully we will not be here when it does!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally A Day Out!!

Sunday the weather was a little warmer, so we made the most of it after church. Holden rode his bike and Rylan enjoyed some fresh air. However, the weather only lasted a day-the next morning we had snow flurries and it was 28 degrees! Hopefully spring will be here soon, but then again you never know with this weather.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day In History!

Holden did not get to see the actual Presidential Inauguration because he had preschool. However, I taped it for him and we watched it together. I thought it would be neat to share a piece of history with him. I know he will probably not remember this in years to come but then again you never know. At least he knows who our new President is now, Barack Obama, and where he lives- A funny story, Holden asked "Where is George W. Bush going to live? I told him he was moving to Texas. He kept telling me no that is not right-So I asked him where is he going to live? He said under Ms. Jan's chair and she was going to take him to her house." (Ms. Jan had pictures of the President and President elect and I guess she changed them out and she put the old picture under her chair when she was explaining that we have a new one. But Holden took it very literally!)

I think his favorite part was watching the parades of soldiers-here is a picture of him imitating how they walk with their guns!

"Yes, I am a soldier"

Watching the Inauguration and Festivities

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 Month Visit

Rylan is 4 months!!! Hard to believe, but it is true!

Rylan had his 4 month check-up today. You know the usual weighing, measuring, questions and yes, the dreadful shots! Ever since I fainted at Holden's appointment after he received his shots as a baby, they always have another nurse in the room just in case! However, I did OK on this visit but my little man was so upset!

Here are some of the stats from his visit:
Weight: 13lbs 11 oz
Height: 26 inches
Head:16 inches

I was surprised by the weight...I thought for sure he weighed more but Dr. Burnham said I was just fooled because he is so long. The visit was good nothing out of the ordinary. He is growing, sleeping and meeting all the development marks for his age. So overall we are great-but how could I forget...we got the OK to start solid food. Since Holden had school toady, I decided to try a little rice cereal just for practice. His first reaction was he was not sure what was going on. Then he just thought it was funny and smiled. We will keep trying and practicing. What fun!

Happy 4 months!
First taste of cereal

What is this??

Hmm...I do not know about this mom!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Boy Oh Boy!

There is something about little boys and the potty! Holden has been potty trained since he turned 2 and I knew this day would come, but I was hoping it would be a little later, say age 5 or 6! What day is that you ask?? The day that he wanted to start pottying standing up! Yes, I know I am a bad mommy for discouraging this "activity" but I just knew it would be something else I would have to clean! Well, this day has come! He had disappeared for a while and I was not sure if something was wrong, even though he always tells me he needs his "piracy" (privacy), I decided to check on him and what did I little man as high on his tip toes as possible and leaned over the potty. I did not want to say anything to scare him because one small move and he would be in the potty!! After he finished he noticed me and the look on his face was priceless-"like I finally have accomplished something" look. And what did he say-"Momma, high-five I am a big boy now!" He was so proud!
Well, big boy do you think it is too much to ask that you make it into the actual potty?? Probably! Instead, I guess I need to stock up on Clorox wipes for "our" little misses!

Bearamy comes for a visit!

Bearamy is Holden's preschool class bear, that is sent home with each child for a weekend visit. You are suppose to take him everywhere with you and care for him as if he were a "real" person coming to visit. Bearamy comes with a backpack of clothes, bathing essentials, book to read, and a journal to keep about his adventure with your family. At the end of the year the class reads about his adventures and then as a class they go to make their own Bearamy at Build-A-Bear. This weekend was our turn for a visit! Holden was SO EXCITED! Here are some of the highlights from our busy weekend.

Holden and Bearamy after I picked them up from preschool on Thursday

When I picked Holden up on Thursday, he ran out to greet me in the hall with a big smile and a backpack with Bearamy packed inside! He was talking to him as if it were a friend coming over to play. He was explaining that we needed to get in the car and go home and that we would read when we got home before nap time. After the boys (Holden and Bearamy) woke up from their nap he wanted them to dress up in their football jerseys, since the National Championship game was on that night. He pretended to play football with "Percy Harvin" and he was "Tim Tebow". Since both boys were in bed when the actual game was on, they celebrated the Gator victory Friday morning.

Holden reading to Bearamy

Holden, Rylan and Bearamy cuddling before nap

Dressed up in their Gator gear!

Friday morning, we played and did a couple of science projects with Bearamy. (We are growing a sweet potato vine and hatching an alligator egg from the Nature Store) Then, we decided to get Holden a much needed hair cut. So of course, Bearamy went with us, however, we decided Bearamy did not need one. After lunch and nap we played games and got ready for Friday Night movie night.

Riding the 4-wheeler after his haircut

Movie Night-Holden was too into the movie to take his eyes off the TV!

Saturday was just as busy! We had our friends Grant and Avery's birthday party. Grant turned 3 and Avery 1. Bearamy decided to stay in the car and take a much needed rest while we attended the party:) That night we had our friends The Corbett's and The Harpring's over for dinner. The Harpring's little boy Ty and Holden both played with Bearamy throughout the night.

Sunday, Bearamy enjoyed Holden's grandparents coming over for a visit.

What a weekend! I know Holden loved having him come home and take responsibility caring for him! I on the other hand, had to be reminded to bring him with us on a couple of occasions or to change him out of his PJ's :) Overall, I think Bearamy had a great visit!

Thanks for visiting Bearamy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He Must Love Us...

On any typical day during the week Kevin is working out at 5:00 am, and this day was not any different. When he came back home from working out I was getting Rylan and I dressed and he said I have a surprise for you downstairs. Knowing that it could not be anything too big, I mean what could he have gotten at 6:00 in the morning?? So I did not rush down to see what it was, I just figured it was the new aerobics/spin schedule. But as I was talking to him I kept saying I was dreading taking Holden to school today because it was pouring and my umbrella broke a couple of weeks ago. Well, actually we go through umbrellas, Holden treats them like they are baseball bats so they do not stand a chance! So now, I was left with the only umbrella in the house that I could find and it looks like a small circus umbrella. (You know the one when 5 people try to fit under something that is the size of a tiki drink umbrella!)

So finally Holden woke up and we went downstairs to eat breakfast and what was my umbrella!!! I know it does not sound like much but it was confirmation that he really DOES listen to me!!! As I was thanking him, I asked what made him think of us and he said when it was raining so hard he imagined me pushing the stroller and holding Holden, (somehow he always thinks his legs are broken when it rains), and holding his school bag, and all of this trying to fit under the tiny umbrella. He said he started to laugh and then he felt bad, so he went to Wal-mart and got us a new one after working out!

I guess he really does love us!

Just kidding babe!

Monday, January 5, 2009

It won't be like this for long....

After the exhaustion of Christmas, traveling, and a sick baby have worn off I try to remind myself that it will not be like this for long. The boys will be grown one day and I will be longing for this time again. But right now some days I just need ALOT of coffee and patience to get me though the day. But I would not change a thing! Except maybe a little more sleep or a couple of more hours in the day:)

I heard this song by Darius Rucker a couple of weeks ago and it keeping going through my head as a reminder that it will not be like this for long. Now, not all of the words apply to me but in general it is a reminder that time goes by so quickly! Here are the lyrics.

He didn't have to wake up
He'd been up all nite
Lay'n there in bed listen'n
To his new born baby cry
He makes a pot of coffee
He splashes water on his face
His wife gives him a kiss and says It gonna be OK

It wont be like this for long, One day soon we'll look back laugh'n
At the week we brought her home
This phase is gonna fly by, So baby just hold on
It wont be like this for long

Four years later bout four thirty
She's crawling in there bed
And when he drops her off at preschool
She's clinging to his leg
The teacher peels her off of him
He says what can I do
She says now don't you worry
This will only last a week or two

It wont be like this for long
One day soon we'll drop her off
And she wont even know your gone
This phase is gonna fly by If you can just hold on
It wont be like this for long

One day soon she'll be a teenager
And at times you'll think she hates him
Then he'll walk her down the isle
And he'll raise her vale
But right now she up and cry'n
And the truth is that he don't mind
As he kisses her good night
And she says her prayers
He lays down there beside her
Till her eyes are finally closed
And just watch'n her it breaks his heart
Cause he already knows

It wont be like this for long

One day soon that little girl is gonna be
All grown up and gone
Yeah this phase is gonna fly by He's try'n to hold on
It wont be like this for long
It wont be like this for long

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!
Our New Years Eve was not too exciting...we watched Kung Fu Panda, ate popcorn, and toasted champagne (Welch's Sparkling juice). I guess times have really changed! Looking forward to the New Year with the boys. I am sure they will bring us many laughs and joy throughout 2009!


Christmas 2008

Tennessee Christmas
Our trip to Tennessee started off a little rough...Rylan woke up several times the night before we left for Tennessee coughing and congested--I knew he was coming down with something. As we drove to Tennessee he progressively got worse, coughing and could not breathe. When we FINALLY made it to Covington, my Memaw called Dr. Beasley, my pediatrician when I was a child. He was gracious enough to see us at his house that night. Poor Rylan had an ear infection and congestion. I knew it was going to be a RESTLESS couple of days and nights! However, after he had a couple of days of antibiotics he was much happier!
Our Tennessee Christmas was filled with making many cookies, gingerbread houses, reindeer food, a surprise visit from Santa at Grandaddy and Memaw's ( my cousin Paul Roy's friend), a trip to Rose of Sharon to see the lights, the live Nativity, Turner Christmas Eve celebration, Santa Clause, Peyton Christmas dinner, and shopping the day after Christmas. We all had a great visit! Holden loved playing with his cousins Allie, Hopkins, Ashford, Ashley, and Nathan. And how could I forget Holden's favorite partner in crime, my cousin Paul Roy! However, each trip some how time gets the best of us and we do not get to visit or see some of my friends and family. Hopefully the next trip we will see everyone. We have some great pictures with all of our Christmas memories.
Merry Christmas!

Tennessee Christmas

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!

Port Christmas
Since we spend Christmas in Tennessee, we celebrate with Kevin's family the weekend before Christmas. Holden was so excited this year, he wanted to open every one's gifts! But the highlight was when he received an orange Tim Tebow (Florida Gator) helmet and uniform. He was thrilled beyond words!! The pictures are fantastic!!

Port Christmas

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Hopkins!

Happy 14th Birthday Hopkins!

Wow! It is hard to believe how fast my niece and nephews are growing! Today is my nephew Hopkins' 14th birthday! To think in two years he will be driving---what a scary thought, both Allie and Hopkins on the rode driving! (Just Kidding)
Hopkins, hope you have a wonderful birthday and wish that all of your dreams come true in life.
We love you!