Monday, January 12, 2009

Bearamy comes for a visit!

Bearamy is Holden's preschool class bear, that is sent home with each child for a weekend visit. You are suppose to take him everywhere with you and care for him as if he were a "real" person coming to visit. Bearamy comes with a backpack of clothes, bathing essentials, book to read, and a journal to keep about his adventure with your family. At the end of the year the class reads about his adventures and then as a class they go to make their own Bearamy at Build-A-Bear. This weekend was our turn for a visit! Holden was SO EXCITED! Here are some of the highlights from our busy weekend.

Holden and Bearamy after I picked them up from preschool on Thursday

When I picked Holden up on Thursday, he ran out to greet me in the hall with a big smile and a backpack with Bearamy packed inside! He was talking to him as if it were a friend coming over to play. He was explaining that we needed to get in the car and go home and that we would read when we got home before nap time. After the boys (Holden and Bearamy) woke up from their nap he wanted them to dress up in their football jerseys, since the National Championship game was on that night. He pretended to play football with "Percy Harvin" and he was "Tim Tebow". Since both boys were in bed when the actual game was on, they celebrated the Gator victory Friday morning.

Holden reading to Bearamy

Holden, Rylan and Bearamy cuddling before nap

Dressed up in their Gator gear!

Friday morning, we played and did a couple of science projects with Bearamy. (We are growing a sweet potato vine and hatching an alligator egg from the Nature Store) Then, we decided to get Holden a much needed hair cut. So of course, Bearamy went with us, however, we decided Bearamy did not need one. After lunch and nap we played games and got ready for Friday Night movie night.

Riding the 4-wheeler after his haircut

Movie Night-Holden was too into the movie to take his eyes off the TV!

Saturday was just as busy! We had our friends Grant and Avery's birthday party. Grant turned 3 and Avery 1. Bearamy decided to stay in the car and take a much needed rest while we attended the party:) That night we had our friends The Corbett's and The Harpring's over for dinner. The Harpring's little boy Ty and Holden both played with Bearamy throughout the night.

Sunday, Bearamy enjoyed Holden's grandparents coming over for a visit.

What a weekend! I know Holden loved having him come home and take responsibility caring for him! I on the other hand, had to be reminded to bring him with us on a couple of occasions or to change him out of his PJ's :) Overall, I think Bearamy had a great visit!

Thanks for visiting Bearamy!

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