Tuesday, January 27, 2009

But Momma I HAD to break the spell

Let me start out by saying, Holden has a great imagination. After school yesterday, I asked the typical questions, how was your day, what did you do, what did you learn, and who did you play with? Everyday this changes, but a lot of the time he will say he played with Princess Hannah especially if some of the other boys are out sick. Monday, the class celebrated Hannah's "Half-Birthday". This is a celebration for all of the children that have birthday's in the summer. They have a day to have a birthday celebration at school so they do not feel left out. Holden told me that she brought muffin cookies and she dressed up as Snow White. Holden loves Snow White, so I knew there had to be a story coming! He told me that he was the Prince and that Princess Snow White Hannah ate the poisonous apple and fell asleep. Playing along with the story, I said "Oh no, poor Snow White" Holden said, "Do not worry Momma, I fought the evil Queen and kissed Snow White and broke the spell." I was surprised and asked, did you KISS Hannah? "Yes, I HAD too, I HAD to break the spell!" Between my laughs, I tried to explain that we should not kiss at school, we do not want to spread germs. But the Prince's response was "I HAD too!"

To see if this story was true, I asked Ms. Jan this morning at drop off. Ms. Jan was laughing and said she did not see them kiss but they were pretending to eat the poisonous apple and ride off to the castle...so I am sure the story is true. Ms. Jan and Ms. Julie both agreed that he has a great imagination and he is a great actor! So move over Brad Pitt, "Prince" Holden Port is going for the Oscar!


nicole said...

That is so funny! Three-year-olds are the best! My Jonah has the biggest imagination of all three of my children so far. He cracks me up! (I guess we'll have to wait and see what MC comes up with as she gets older!)

kate said...

that is a funny story. I swear it sounds like something my Ella would dream up!