Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day In History!

Holden did not get to see the actual Presidential Inauguration because he had preschool. However, I taped it for him and we watched it together. I thought it would be neat to share a piece of history with him. I know he will probably not remember this in years to come but then again you never know. At least he knows who our new President is now, Barack Obama, and where he lives- A funny story, Holden asked "Where is George W. Bush going to live? I told him he was moving to Texas. He kept telling me no that is not right-So I asked him where is he going to live? He said under Ms. Jan's chair and she was going to take him to her house." (Ms. Jan had pictures of the President and President elect and I guess she changed them out and she put the old picture under her chair when she was explaining that we have a new one. But Holden took it very literally!)

I think his favorite part was watching the parades of soldiers-here is a picture of him imitating how they walk with their guns!

"Yes, I am a soldier"

Watching the Inauguration and Festivities

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