Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He Must Love Us...

On any typical day during the week Kevin is working out at 5:00 am, and this day was not any different. When he came back home from working out I was getting Rylan and I dressed and he said I have a surprise for you downstairs. Knowing that it could not be anything too big, I mean what could he have gotten at 6:00 in the morning?? So I did not rush down to see what it was, I just figured it was the new aerobics/spin schedule. But as I was talking to him I kept saying I was dreading taking Holden to school today because it was pouring and my umbrella broke a couple of weeks ago. Well, actually we go through umbrellas, Holden treats them like they are baseball bats so they do not stand a chance! So now, I was left with the only umbrella in the house that I could find and it looks like a small circus umbrella. (You know the one when 5 people try to fit under something that is the size of a tiki drink umbrella!)

So finally Holden woke up and we went downstairs to eat breakfast and what was my surprise....an umbrella!!! I know it does not sound like much but it was confirmation that he really DOES listen to me!!! As I was thanking him, I asked what made him think of us and he said when it was raining so hard he imagined me pushing the stroller and holding Holden, (somehow he always thinks his legs are broken when it rains), and holding his school bag, and all of this trying to fit under the tiny umbrella. He said he started to laugh and then he felt bad, so he went to Wal-mart and got us a new one after working out!

I guess he really does love us!

Just kidding babe!


kate said...

isn't it the little things that mean so much? That is awesome.

nicole said...

It is nice to know they listen to us every once in a while.