Friday, January 23, 2009

The view from my window....

Weather here has been so crazy! We have had so many storms and wind advisories that you never know what to expect. While Kevin was grilling out the other night he looked up to see a result of one of the many storms. He came inside to tell me to look out the window-and what did I see???

Well, the tree is not on our property but when it falls it will be! So like any good neighbor, Kevin went to let the neighbor know about the tree. (our house backs up to another neighborhood, so it is their property and tree) And what did they say, "that is not our tree!" What to do next? So we called the insurance company and they said that they can not do anything until the tree falls and does damage but suggested calling the City of Alpharetta. Next step, call the city. And their answer was, it is private property and that they can not do anything. So where do we stand??? Waiting on a tree to fall-Hopefully we will not be here when it does!

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Amy said...

Sounds like something that would happen here. Looks like to me that it has to on someones property and if its not in your fenced in backyard then it very well has to be the people behind you. Ha, don't you just love situations like that.