Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is that???

I have often heard with little boys you never know what they will pick up and put in their pockets. I have found this to be true lately! I ALWAYS check Holden's pockets before I wash and usually there is a surprise for me. I have found leaves, rocks, little army guys, gum, and sometimes items that I just can not figure out what they are. Well, today at drop off Ms. Jan said "Oh, I have something of your husband's." Not knowing what to expect she handed over this.....

I was a little puzzled because I did not know what it was. Ms. Jan said Holden had it in his jacket pocket on Tuesday. I asked Holden where did you get this? His response, "It's Daddy's, he uses it all the time" Still it did not look familiar, but then again I don't do the yard work. So, I took it with me and called Kevin in the car to see if he was missing any tools. Yes, a blade sharpener! That is what this green tool is-a blade sharpener. Kevin trimmed the crape myrtles on Sunday and I guess Holden just put it in his pocket. I know what you are thinking...we will NOT be getting the Parent of the Year Award anytime soon! But then again, I am sure his teachers are thinking, these poor parents they do not have a clue, we must pray for them!

Never a dull moment here!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winter Boredom

With the weather ever so changing, we have tried to make the most of cabin fever with some messy and fun activities...

Made Yucky Slime!

Edible Play dough-Yummy!

Cheerio Necklaces

Anything to keep Holden from being bored and getting into trouble:)

Monday, February 23, 2009


It's been said that "imitation is the greatest form of flattery." However, I do not know what to think of this?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How do we celebrate President's Day? Of course doing something All American. What is more American than the Barnum and Bailey Circus? Thanks to Ms. Jan, the class had wonderful seats! Holden was thrilled that our seats just happened to be beside Hannah (his princess whom he had to save). I have not be to the circus since my niece and nephews were young, so I was just as excited as Holden was to go! I made the mistake of telling Holden that the circus would be like the one in the movie Dumbo, which he watched on the way to Philips Arena. Needless to say, I was completely wrong! The only animals were a couple of dogs, horses, tigers and elephants. However, plenty of acrobats. I just thought I remembered more animals. Holden asked where the monkeys and Timothy the mouse were but other than that he seemed to have a great time. Especially, after having cotton candy and a snow cone. He was sugared up enough to enjoy anything!

Sharing Cotton Candy with Hannah

I asked Holden on the car ride home what was his favorite part of the circus-the Good Knight!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What song?

My niece, Allie, burned us a bunch of cd's so that we would be "hip." I never thought I would hear that I was not "hip" but that day has come...I am now getting lessons on being cool from a 16 year old. Allie put everything from the Fray to Taylor Swift on the cd's. On the way to school this morning I asked Holden to pick a song that he want to listen to? His response, "All the Single Ladies." Yes, by Beyonce! I saw my life fast forward 15 years. Boy I am in TROUBLE!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


While Holden was at school this week, Rylan and I took advantage of the great weather! He rode in his stroller sitting up for the first time and loved it. I could not resist sharing the cute pictures from our outing!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day! On the other hand, Kevin does not! I just like the idea of letting the ones you love know that you love and care about them. Especially when you have little ones. Surprises are so much fun. However, when I went to cut out red hearts to hang from the light, I realized I used all the red construction paper for the "Jars of Joy" for the teachers that week. So I had to make do with white (Holden did not notice) - he just wanted to us to read what each one said. Both boys enjoyed little treats from us and we all had a great Valentine's Day together! Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine Treats

Trying to come up with cute Valentine treats for preschoolers is not hard, except when you have children in the class who have sever food allergies. One is allergic to peanuts and/or any traces of nuts, and another is allergic to chocolate. Seriously, chocolate? When I think of Valentine's Day, I always think of chocolates kisses or candy hearts. What were we going to do? So when I saw an idea in a magazine for treat bags with gummy bears and teddy grahams, I was thrilled! They are both on our list of things that the two can have! Wednesday, Holden and I filled Valentine cups with gummy bears and teddy grahams with a note attached "Bear Hugs from Holden". Holden loves gummy bears so he seemed to sample a little from each cup! And of course Valentine's Day would not be complete without cards. He choose SpiderMan cards with a marker attached for his friends. Thursday, he was so excited to pass out treats to his friends at the Valentine's Party-or as Holden said Cupid's Birthday.

A little LOVE before school Thursday

Monday, February 2, 2009


Making sure he has the perfect orange bowling ball

Holden was invited to his friend Matthew's birthday party on Saturday. It was a bowling party and we have not taken Holden bowling. I was interested to see how it was going to turn out. Holden was either going to have a great time or he was going to look for something else to do! I just was not sure how 3 & 4 year olds were going to like bowling, however, there is a first time for everything.

I had a class on Saturday so Kevin volunteered, or at least I volunteered him, to take Holden to the party. I made sure he had the camera so I could have something to put in the scrapbook of his first time bowling! After finding an orange bowling ball, he was ready to try to bowl. Well, he figured out what to do so well, that he even got his first STRIKE. Kevin said that everyone was cheering and he did not know what to do, so he decided to dance!! Always the entertainer! However, on his next turn he went past the line and slipped and fell not once but twice and hit his head. After that he was ready for a break!

Pretty good for his first time bowling to get a strike! Yeah Holden!!


Nature Fun

Daddy "accidentally" threw away Holden's bird house that we made last summer. Holden the observant one that he is noticed it they day after! Let's just say he was NOT happy! So on Friday to keep his mind off of it we made Birdseed biscuits. I got the idea from an article in Family Fun and thought we would try them out. Holden decided to make them in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day. Surprisingly, they turned out super cute! Best of all, it kept my little one's mind off of the bird house that magically disappeared. That Daddy-he loves to clean-up and throw-out!!
The Prince/Peter Pan (not sure who he was this morning) mixing the birdseed