Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How do we celebrate President's Day? Of course doing something All American. What is more American than the Barnum and Bailey Circus? Thanks to Ms. Jan, the class had wonderful seats! Holden was thrilled that our seats just happened to be beside Hannah (his princess whom he had to save). I have not be to the circus since my niece and nephews were young, so I was just as excited as Holden was to go! I made the mistake of telling Holden that the circus would be like the one in the movie Dumbo, which he watched on the way to Philips Arena. Needless to say, I was completely wrong! The only animals were a couple of dogs, horses, tigers and elephants. However, plenty of acrobats. I just thought I remembered more animals. Holden asked where the monkeys and Timothy the mouse were but other than that he seemed to have a great time. Especially, after having cotton candy and a snow cone. He was sugared up enough to enjoy anything!

Sharing Cotton Candy with Hannah

I asked Holden on the car ride home what was his favorite part of the circus-the Good Knight!

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