Monday, February 2, 2009

Nature Fun

Daddy "accidentally" threw away Holden's bird house that we made last summer. Holden the observant one that he is noticed it they day after! Let's just say he was NOT happy! So on Friday to keep his mind off of it we made Birdseed biscuits. I got the idea from an article in Family Fun and thought we would try them out. Holden decided to make them in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day. Surprisingly, they turned out super cute! Best of all, it kept my little one's mind off of the bird house that magically disappeared. That Daddy-he loves to clean-up and throw-out!!
The Prince/Peter Pan (not sure who he was this morning) mixing the birdseed


Amy said...

Those are super cute!

nicole said...

Nice! We need to make some of those. Maybe we could do that while we recover from our tonsillectomies. Thanks for the idea!