Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is that???

I have often heard with little boys you never know what they will pick up and put in their pockets. I have found this to be true lately! I ALWAYS check Holden's pockets before I wash and usually there is a surprise for me. I have found leaves, rocks, little army guys, gum, and sometimes items that I just can not figure out what they are. Well, today at drop off Ms. Jan said "Oh, I have something of your husband's." Not knowing what to expect she handed over this.....

I was a little puzzled because I did not know what it was. Ms. Jan said Holden had it in his jacket pocket on Tuesday. I asked Holden where did you get this? His response, "It's Daddy's, he uses it all the time" Still it did not look familiar, but then again I don't do the yard work. So, I took it with me and called Kevin in the car to see if he was missing any tools. Yes, a blade sharpener! That is what this green tool is-a blade sharpener. Kevin trimmed the crape myrtles on Sunday and I guess Holden just put it in his pocket. I know what you are thinking...we will NOT be getting the Parent of the Year Award anytime soon! But then again, I am sure his teachers are thinking, these poor parents they do not have a clue, we must pray for them!

Never a dull moment here!

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Anonymous said...'re not kidding about "dull" moments. Ha! That is a really funny story.