Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Kimberly!

Old Family Pictures of Us

Today my sister, Kimberly, is 30 "something"! To think she has teenagers makes me feel so old! When we were little, I was the "pain" she had to babysit and take care of. Then she was a teenager that could drive. Her responsibilities changed, and she had to take me to and from school. But who could forget what she had to drive, the old yellow Mercedes that we fondly called "Bessie". Bessie did not run half of the time, and on a cold day she could not get up a hill, had a leaky sunroof that would flood the car when it rained, and how could I forget, you could hear her coming from a mile away because she needed a new muffler. We liked to talk to "her" in hopes that she would not break down! Such great times! Now, it seems like our lives have swapped. I used to work while she stayed at home with the kids. Now she is working, volunteering for everything known to man, studying for her CPA, raising teenagers & a family, and most of all being a great sister. We have been through a lot together as children and as adults. I just wanted to let you know how much I love, respect, and value you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday! We love you.


BethCserno said...

What a great note! I love the pics.

nicole said...

OK...looking at the picture of you at the top makes me think you and Mary Claire would be in a close race for "Baby with the Most Hair!" Nice birthday post for your sister!