Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Was Just Pretending

I can appreciate a child's imagination. Actually, I encourage it. And my Holden has a great one! I thought he was getting his shoes so that we could leave for choir. Yes, my little entertainer is in the children's church choir. The kids are really cute! Where was I, oh yes, back to the story. Holden was supposedly getting his shoes when I kept hearing the water turn on and off. I thought he was going potty, but after I heard the water turn on and off a couple more times, I knew he was up to something. So I yelled for him to come downstairs. He leaned over the banister and he was drenched! "What are you doing? And why are you all wet?" I asked. He said, "I was pretending I was hot and I had to jump in the ocean. So that is why I am all wet." Of course that was what I was thinking too...yeah right.

While we were laughing, we scared Rylan and when I picked him up, my poor little fella had an explosive diaper. Poop was all over his back! Now, I have one child who is wet and thinks we are at the ocean and the other one is covered in poop. As I am changing Rylan, he decides it is time to practice his new skills of rolling from his back to his tummy. Poop was everywhere! And I have Holden under my feet yelling "Eww, that is disgusting" (His new favorite word that he learned at school-everything is disgusting food, clothes, mud, you name it). Finally, I managed to get everyone cleaned up and in the car. Surprisingly, we were on time. I do not know how, but somehow we made it. What an exciting Wednesday. And it all started with someone "just pretending".


kate said...

What a night. It sounds as if you handeled it so well. I would have flipped at the water part. Much less poop everywhere!

Amy said...

I have alot to look forward to don't I?