Friday, March 27, 2009

Incident Report

Holden's preschool is extremely diligent with paper work. I am sure it is to protect them from any potential lawsuits. I have become accustomed to getting emails from the nurse's office stating that "Holden has visited the nurses" for various reasons. Most of the time, I think it is just to get a Superhero bandage and lollipop. I would frequent the nurses too if I knew I was going to get a lollipop for just visiting. Wouldn't you?

Well, at pick up on Monday, Ms. Jan came out with a form. I knew even before she said anything that it was an "Incident or Accident Report". She proceeds to tell me that Holden was the victim. They make it sound like these kids are juvenile delinquents. Apparently, they were on the playground, and some child tackled and scratched Holden's face. Well, I was expecting a huge scratch they way the described it. As soon as I saw him, I knew a little Aquaphor would help heal it pretty quickly. And a good thing since Spring pictures were the next day!

Look at how handsome both boys look! Holden looks like a little man to me! (Amazing what a little Aquaphor can do-you can barely see the scratch!)

Funny story from that morning- I was saying to Kevin how grown Holden looked and how big Rylan is getting and that we should have another baby. Kevin very quickly answered "No, but we can get a dog." Holden interrupts to say, "We can trade Rylan for a dog." "What! Trade Rylan, wouldn't you miss him?" I asked. Holden answered after a LONG pause, "I'm just kidding." Hmm...I am not sure he was "just kidding" but at least he had to think about it!

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