Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little Lost?

Kevin called on Friday from work and said he wanted to cook for me on Saturday night. I was waiting for the catch. In the 8 years that we have been together, he has NEVER cooked for me. He may grill, but the stove top and oven are foreign to him. A little in shock, I sat there on the phone and then he said, "Can you get a recipe and then buy everything? And I will cook for you. Nothing too difficult." I knew there was a catch. But hey, I will take what I can get:) I decided Mozzarella Chicken Bake was not that hard, and it only has 5 ingredients. How could he possibly mess it up. Right?

I missed taking the picture of everything spread out on the counter. But I did manage to snap this one at the end. Doesn't he look a little lost in the kitchen?

Although he looks a little confused, dinner turned out great.

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