Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What A Difference A Week Makes

Wow! What a difference a week makes with the weather! This past weekend was beautiful! Much different from the cold/rainy/snowy mess we had the previous week. We took full advantage of the weather after being cooped up with the stomach bug. Holden and I had PLENTY of time to plan something to do. We decided to do a Nature Hunt. Originally, we were planning on going to the Chattahoochee Nature Trail, however, Kevin's coaches meeting for Holden's T-ball team took longer than expected. So, we ended up going on our Nature Hunt in the neighborhood. Holden helped me compile a list of things to find on our hunt. Some of his suggestions I had to put as "bonus finds" because I do not think we will be finding a bear anytime soon!

Holden was a little tired after the "hunt"

Additionally, Rylan had his first experience in the play set swing. From the looks of things, I think he enjoyed it!

(I do not remember what Holden was saying to Rylan, but you can see they are up to something!)

And what would a spring-like day be with out bubbles?

Too bad the weather report is calling for cooler weather later this week.

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