Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Gymnastics

Wednesday was Holden's last class for the winter session of Gymnastics. We have been taking gymnastics for the past 2 years and he loves it! Especially the winter session, when we can not get outside to burn off all his energy! This is a great outlet and usually he takes a great nap afterwards, which is an added bonus! For the final class, all of the parents are invited into the gym to take pictures/videos of their little ones. Holden was excited that his daddy surprised him and showed up for the final class. He really demonstrated how he can tumble, walk the balance beam, hang on the bars, and swing on the rope (his favorite). My little gymnast!

Setting up to jump

Walking the balance beam

Standing on the bars

Getting ready to swing on the rope. Holden's favorite-swinging into the foam pit.

Swing on the rope

Gymnastics Class (yes, it was practically all girls!)

Note: For some reason all of the pictures turned out dark. The gym must have been darker than I thought.

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nicole said...

Glad to see him doing gymnastics! I tried to get my boys to take this past fall, and John Owen wouldn't even think of it because there were NO other boys in the class! I was so disappointed! Oh well!