Sunday, April 26, 2009

Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Party

Holden's friend Anna Kate celebrated her 4th Birthday at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve on Friday. I knew this party was going to be extra special party since her mom, Katie, is cute and crafty herself. She actually has a business called Cherry Bows where she makes the cutest hair bows. You can check out her website at If only I had a little girl!

The party started off with a meeting of the animals at the visitor center. The kids saw ducks, turtles, frogs, spiders, and snakes. The director, Mr. Ben, played a game that taught the kids about insects and habitats. Afterwards, we set off on a hike. And it just happened to be our "lucky day", Mr. Ben found a snake on our hike! All of the kids wanted to touch and feel the snake, thankfully, he explained that only adults should pickup snakes. (Let me just tell you, this adult will not be "picking up" any snakes!) As our hike continued, we stopped to splash in the creek. Finally, we made it back to the pavilion for lunch.

Katie had personalized sand buckets for each child which she filled with star and flower cutout sandwiches, trail mix and apples. Oh, and the delicious flower cupcakes for dessert. The tables were decorated with burlap, Gerber daisies, confetti, and tattoos. As party favors, the kids enjoyed their very own bug kit, plastic lizard, wildflower seeds for planting, candy and so much more. As you can see this party was too cute. And the day was a little boys' dream!
I think we will be visiting the Nature Preserve again very soon!!

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