Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look What We Found...

Ahh, Spring! But what comes with Spring? The dreaded chore of mowing the grass. Mini Kevin has to be right in the middle of it too! His $14.00 mower has been the best money spent on a toy! Holden has used it since he was about 18 months and still is using it! Look at the two of them. Holden imitates Kevin so well it is scary! He follows the same lines, walks the same, and takes just as long to complete such a simple task. Must be a male thing:)
Rylan did not want to miss out on all the grass cutting action either. So here he is with his new shades.
As the boys were mowing, we noticed a little momma bird on her nest underneath the plants. I believe all the noise scared her, and she moved for a brief moment. She had laid eggs! What a treat! We will have to keep watch for the new baby birds to hatch.

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