Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Muffins with Mom

Mt. Pisgah's annual Muffins with Mom was Tuesday. The theme for this year was flowers and tea. The morning started out with Holden greeting me with a rose and then he escorted me into the classroom. Too cute!! After showing me his "spot", I was instructed to wear the hat that he made for me. As you can see, he is not a picture person! We enjoyed muffins, cookies, fruit, and juice together. As a special surprise, Ms. Jan put together a DVD of pictures of all the children from the beginning of the year until now. That alone was a tear jerker, but she also added the song "Let Them Be Little" by Lonestar as the pictures are playing in the video. Here is the link to the song if you have not heard it before
It is sad to see how much they have grown in just a couple of months. Their little baby faces look so grown. Time goes by so quickly!

One of the funniest gifts was posted on the wall. The kids were asked questions about their mom. I just love to hear what kids say. Some of their answers were hilarious: my mom' s favorite thing to do is "go get a drink" or my mom has "she dyes her hair dark" color hair or my mom weighs "100,000" pounds. Thankfully, mine was not that bad.
Holden's answers were as follows:
My Mom's name is "Just Mommy".
My Mom has "Green" eyes.
My Mom has "brown" hair.
My Mom weighs "30" pounds.
I like when my Mom cooks "strawberries, cookies, and cupcakes".
I don't like it when she cooks "Chicken".
My Mom likes to "make cookies and cupcakes".
My favorite thing to do with my Mom is"Play games".
The picture of me however, is another story. I think it is safe to say we do not have an artist.

Here are all my gifts from Muffins with Mom. What a treat! It feels like Mother's Day!

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Amy said...

Too cute! I love the "30lbs." Gee Liz, you need to put on a few pounds! LOL