Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Busy Weekend Outside

With the temperatures hitting 80+ this weekend we planned several outside activities.
The weekend started out with Rylan and I enjoying a walk together. From the looks of it, he enjoyed it so much that he fell asleep. Doesn't he look so sweet!
Holden had T-ball pictures and a game Saturday morning. This week he was even more excited about playing. However, he does not understand the concept of running all the bases. He hits the ball and then runs to first base but then heads back into the dugout to bat again. I think on this weeks agenda I need to pull out our bases and practice. First run to first, second run to second, third run to third, and then run home!

Rylan enjoyed he first wagon ride with Holden and loved it!

We planted our wildflower seeds from the party on Friday.

And I was not watching, thus we over watered the seeds already! I just do not have a green thumb.

Then, Holden decided he needed to get wet and Rylan just watched.

What a fun weekend!


Christi said...

Cute pics! That last pic of Rylan looks so much like you.

Kate said...

Hey Liz, I don't have an email address for you so I am sending this message through your blog. I will spare you the long story, but last week I got locked out of my blog and email accounts. I am having to start over...UGH! Here is my new email address and my new blog site is If you are interested, you will have to "re-follow" on the the new blog and please add my email to your address book. Thanks! kate