Monday, April 20, 2009

T-ball or Chicken Little?

Holden's first T-ball game was this past weekend. Let's just say it was hilarious!! First of all, the poor kids look like Chicken Little because the uniforms are so big! Secondly, there were more parents on the field than actual kids playing. Then, we had a couple of kids who thought
T-ball was a full contact sport. (Holden just happened to be one of them) He is one determined little guy, he somehow always ended up with the ball. What a game! I am not exactly sure who won the game but it provided some much needed laughter!

Let's play ball!!
Rylan enjoying the game from Grammy's lap.
Holden waiting on the ball

Holden and Cooper decided it was time to take a break.

Like Father Like Son (Kevin is one of the coaches)

If you are wondering, why the kids are not wearing helmets at bat, it is because in the 3 year old T-ball league they use a rubber/foam ball and bat. And after watching how some of the kids throw the bat after hitting the ball I see why.
I think the Dodgers are off to a great season or at least some great laughs this season!

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