Sunday, May 10, 2009

Parade of Nations

The Parade of Nations is very similar to the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. It is a gathering and an opportunity for both T-ball and soccer teams to participate in the grand celebration of sport. This past Friday night was the Annual Parade of Nations.

The soccer teams are named after countries while the T-ball teams are named after MLB baseball teams such as the Dodgers (our team), Braves, Cubs, and Yankees. Each team has their own flag, and every child carries a small team banner. After the introduction, the players march around the field. When the parade is finished, we enjoyed a cookout featuring hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, and dessert provided by the church cooking team. The celebration was so much fun and such a great idea for the teams and their families. The last game of the inaugural season is next Saturday, May 16th at 11:30. The boys will be receiving trophies for their hard work. If you would like a great laugh, come join us and cheer for our Dodgers!!

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