Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Country Boys

Last week I decided that the boys and I were going to visit my family in Tennessee. Kevin was originally going to go with us, but ended up having to stay back to finish up paperwork for the relocation company and the last minute items before we listed the house. I thought, how hard could it be to travel with two kids? Well, let's just say the trip took forever!!! If one did not have to go potty, the other was ready to eat. I felt like we stopped 20 times! But all in all it was not that bad, it just took ALOT longer than usual!

Holden was so excited to go that he woke up super early and put his backpack of toys and DVD's in the car and said he was ready to go. He loves going to Meme's, Memaw & Granddaddy's house to visit!

Once we got there my mom, Meme, took Rylan and I do not think his feet ever touched the floor. If she was not holding him then she was feeding him. And Holden was spoiled by both grandparents and Aunt Becky Ann too! Jeez no wonder both of them did not want to come home!

While we were in Tennessee, Holden went fishing for the first time and caught a fish! It blows my mind, how much a country boy Holden is and I think Rylan will be too. He loved digging for worms and fishing. Loves to sit in all the trucks, tractors and four-wheelers. He talked about going hunting...what is this really my child?? I guess that Turner blood skipped me and went straight to the boys.

We went swimming at Aunt Rhonda's, or better known as Paul Roy's house to Holden. Went to the Memphis Zoo, which we love! Visited with my old and dear friends from high school. Every time I go home, I always think about how when I was younger, I could not wait to get out of that town, and now I long to get that back. I think I have more of an appreciation of a small town life and the people who make that town still my home.

Thankfully, on Tuesday night Kevin surprised me and flew in to drive back with me. What a great surprise and added help for the ride back to Georgia.
Holden keeps telling me he wants to go to "the real Memaw's house". I am trying to plan our next trip home, hopefully it will be soon.

Allie & Rylan

Rylan enjoying his food...

Holden & Ashford riding the scooter

Aunt Becky Ann & Holden

Feeding the birds at the Memphis Zoo

It was a hot day at the zoo! We needed a rest:)

First Fish!!!

Dad-Daddy's Helper

We hired our favorite handyman (Dad-Daddy) to help with a couple of minor house issues before we placed the house on the market. I can not decide if Holden was trying to be a handyman himself or if he was pretending that his drills were guns. Either way, don't they both look cute in their matching doo rags!

9 Month Check-Up

Yes, Rylan is actually almost 10 months old but with everything going on I have hardly had time to breathe. But again, better late than never....

What are we doing now??? Crawling, pulling up, cruising, and more or less getting into everything!! What do we eat?? Everything! Holden will not eat anything and Rylan eats anything and everything. I guess they balance each other out!
Here are some of the stats from Rylan's 9 month check-up:

Weight: 19lbs 4 oz.
Height: 29.25 inches
Head Circumference: 18 inches

As you can see, he is growing so fast.

First Weeks of Summer

Yes, I am a little behind with our blog. So I am going to try to catch up. Let's see how I do! Here are some pictures of us enjoying the first days of summer.
Holden the crocodile hunter???
The boys enjoying the neighborhood pool
Below are some pictures of the boys enjoying Imaginations at Play. I had never been before but I will make sure we make another trip before we leave town. Holden & Rylan had a great time!

Digging for dinosaurs. I saw this on a website where you bake plastic dinosaurs into cupcakes and then have the children dig for the dinosaurs with Popsicle sticks. We read several dinosaur books and then I told him he could dig to see what he could find. Holden really thought this was neat an was great for a rainy day activity. (Note: I boiled the dinosaurs before to sanitize and also to make sure that they would not melt.)

Lastly, enjoying the sprinkler with swords and golf clubs...such a boy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Change of Scenery? We Are Moving!

The past two months have been stressful since Kevin was laid off from AIG. And no, he did not receive a large taxpayer bonus. After weeks of phone interviews and several cross country trips, our family had a decision to make. Kevin was fortunate enough and blessed to receive two job offers: Liberty Mutual in Cincinnati, Ohio or Travelers in Hartford, Connecticut. As a Southern Girl, neither one sounded appealing! However, we had a decision to make. After many thoughts and prayers, we decided that Cincinnati was the best fit for our family. I will mention that Kevin tried to convince me that Ohio was part of the Confederacy and sorta like the South. At any rate, Kevin will be leaving on June 29th to start his new job while the boys and I will stay here until the house sells. Wish us luck!

As you might know, change is difficult. I have lived in the Atlanta metro area for 10 years - met my husband, bought our first house and had two wonderful boys. It will be especially hard saying goodbye to Kevin's family. They have been such a blessing to us and our boys. Goodbyes are never easy, but it reminds me of this verse: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain" Hebrews 13:8. So we embark on the next chapter of this strange, wonderful journey in Ohio.