Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Weeks of Summer

Yes, I am a little behind with our blog. So I am going to try to catch up. Let's see how I do! Here are some pictures of us enjoying the first days of summer.
Holden the crocodile hunter???
The boys enjoying the neighborhood pool
Below are some pictures of the boys enjoying Imaginations at Play. I had never been before but I will make sure we make another trip before we leave town. Holden & Rylan had a great time!

Digging for dinosaurs. I saw this on a website where you bake plastic dinosaurs into cupcakes and then have the children dig for the dinosaurs with Popsicle sticks. We read several dinosaur books and then I told him he could dig to see what he could find. Holden really thought this was neat an was great for a rainy day activity. (Note: I boiled the dinosaurs before to sanitize and also to make sure that they would not melt.)

Lastly, enjoying the sprinkler with swords and golf clubs...such a boy!

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