Sunday, July 19, 2009


I think I have said many times that I do NOT believe that Holden has an ounce of fear in his body. He will try anything! With that said, here goes the story...
This past week we attended a birthday party at the Roswell Country Club pool. The pool area has several different pools, fountains, diving boards, and water slides to entertain. Holden was content playing in the zero entry pool with his buddies until he spotted the water slides. Next thing I see is Holden marching right over and climbing the stairs. Let me stop for a moment and give you a visual, this was not a small slide, this was a winding water park slide! I thought I was going to have a heart attack! However, the lifeguard assured me he would be fine and that, I quote, "the slide goes slow". So much for going slow, here comes Holden head first into the water! Thankfully, he had on his floaties. But the look of shock on his face, I knew the slide was not what he thought it would be. After making his way to the side of the pool, he spent the remainder of the party playing under the water mushroom and where his feet could touch the bottom. Maybe he does have a small amount of fear, which is a good thing!

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