Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What A Day!!!

Today started out busy, as usual. I could list everything, however, it is too long for even me to remember. We made plans after swim lessons to meet some friends at the park for a picnic and fun. Well, Mother Nature had different plans, it rained! Alternative plans were to meet at their house to play and have lunch. If I did not have enough stress and chaos to begin with, Holden had an accident. Apparently, he was running or tripped (I am not really sure) with a musical instrument in his mouth. As you can imagine, he was screaming and crying profusely (that is an understatement). Since there was blood and a noticeable chipped tooth. I thought it might be a good idea to visit the dentist to check everything out. Thankfully, it was not serious damage to his gums or permanent teeth. But now he will be better known as "Snaggle Tooth Holden." I really do think he was born an accident waiting to happen. You got to love him though!

And thankfully, my friend Jenny is patient and calm. She entertained Rylan while I dealt with Holden traumatized!

What a day! I have to just hope tomorrow will be better!

"Snaggle Tooth Holden" (The right top front tooth)This is our dentist office...a tree house! I just love it! I am thinking this may be the theme for the new play room.

While we were at the office having x-rays, we were due for our cleaning so we went ahead and had that done too. The report is...cavity free!

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Christi said...

Poor thing! Thankfully it's a baby tooth:)