Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Big Day, Moving Day!

The big day was upon us...moving day! With Kevin's job relocation, our move was a full pack and unpack of the house. However, one of the chores that the movers will not do is unload or move items from an attic, in fear that someone would fall through the ceiling. Well, that is just what happened, Kevin tripped and fell through the ceiling! I wish I was joking but as you can see from the picture I am not!

Thankfully, I have our handyman Pedro on speed-dial. (That is who Kevin is talking to in the picture) He was able to come on Monday morning and patch the ceiling so that it is as good as new.

Along with the mess of the hole in the ceiling, the movers packed the house. Which was another disaster with boxes and stuff everywhere.

But as you can see, they took great care of packing everything so that it makes it to Ohio safe and sound! Even though it is going to storage.

And just to add to the stress of the move, falling through the ceiling, and whatever else could happen, we do not have a house in Ohio yet! We pulled our offer on Thursday after the inspection report revealed several major problems. Now, out to look at houses again. I have been trying to remind myself, as I go back out looking at houses, that you make a house is a home by the memories that you share there. I just hope we find something I like in the process:)

As we embark on our new chapter, we have to say goodbye to our first home! To think 6 years ago we moved in as newlyweds and now we are moving out as a family of 4. (and tons of stuff too!) So much has changed! Along with so many great memories. However, I am certain we will share many more as we begin our lives in Ohio.

We are traveling back on Friday to Ohio, so keep your fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong! At this point it is just comical! (Or at least that is how I am trying to look at everything right now!)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...that is so funny. Pedro also fixed a hole in our ceiling that Mark fell through, although granted the timing of yours couldn't have been any worse I suppose.
Good luck with your move and I look forward to following your family as you start this new chapter in your lives.
Wishing you a safe and smooth move up north. Take care and keep in touch!

Amy said...

Erik also fell through our friend Nathan's ceiling on the day that we helped him move in his brand new. He was having a house warming two days after. I was standing directly under him when he slipped and fell and got a mouth full sheet rock dust. Needless to say we called the drywall guys immediately...after making sure Erik was okay, of course. Low and behold, a year ago, I was in our attic organizing things and I too slipped and fell, but caught myself just before going "through." It did put a nice crack in the ceiling, right in the middle of our living room!

Kendra said...

Good grief! No one ever said moving was boring, huh? Good luck on your new house hunt. God's going to show you just the perfect house!

Kate said...

Hey Liz. I hope all is well. Its been exciting reading about your move. I hope you guys find a house soon. When you do...keep us all posted!