Monday, August 10, 2009

A little bit of this and that...

Busy! Is all that I can say to describe the past couple of weeks. We are set to close on August 27th and the movers will be here to pack us up on August 24th. Two weeks from today-wow! Additionally, we have a contract on a house in Ohio, however, we do not close until September 22. It sound like a long time from now but I am looking forward to not really having alot to do once we get to the apartment, with the exception of celebrating both boys birthdays, finding parks, attractions, local activities, and such! Oh yeah and Holden is enrolled in a wonderful preschool which begins September 9th, perfect timing with our move. Everything seems to be lining up as if this move was meant to be. Even with our busy or rather hectic days I managed to capture some cute pictures...The boys first bubble bath together--as you can see they both had a great time

Fun at the park

Something is wrong with this picture? Rylan who is 10 months old pushing Holden who is almost 4!!! Yes, the little man is strong!

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watchtheflowersgrow said...

That picture of them in the tub is SO cute! Oh, and I know that park... it feels like we live there. I'm surprised we didn't run into you there too.
Glad the timing of everything is working out so perfectly for you guys! Hope the move goes smoothly.