Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

While playing with our Star Wars Play-Doh set today, Holden made a Princess Leia and said,
"I like Princess Leia. She has nice boobies!"

I tried not to laugh but it was just too funny. I guess boys just have it programmed into them to know the difference between girls and boys.

Duke Energy Children's Museum

The forecast is calling for rain, what should we do?? Visit the Children's Museum. And that is just what we did yesterday. The Duke Energy Children's Museum is housed in the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. What a strange name, right? Well, within the Museum Center, additional museums are located too, such as Cincinnati History Museum, Museum Natural History & Science, OMNIMAX Theater, and the terminal is a restored train station. As Holden said when he walked in the terminal, "WOW". The train terminal was a treat within itself, as you can see...
The boys had a great time at the Water Works, Tree House, Grocery Store, but I think most of all in the Construction Zone. After lunch we decided to walk around the terminal and were lucky enough to be able to go to Tower A to see the trains below! (The tower is only open on the weekend but there was a conference going on and a nice gentleman allowed us to walk up!)
What a fun day! But I might never rained!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple Picking

After our failed attempt to go apple picking this week. We set out for a family outing to Irons' Fruit Farm this morning. And wow, there were so many apples to pick!
Unlike last year, the trees at this orchard were huge and hard to climb. So Holden used Daddy as his own personal ladder.And Rylan did not want to miss out on the action of picking apples. But I believe his favorite part was eating the apples rather than picking.
We ended up picking a bushel! I am already planning to make apple cobbler, homemade apple sauce, baked apples and probably some other tasty treats from today's fun fall outing. I really do love this time of year!

Typical Saturday Morning

Just thought I would provide a window into my mornings. This is usually the scene...

Two half dressed boys lounging. (I would have posted the third "boy" but I thought he might kill me:)
Happy Saturday!

Week Recap...

While Kevin was in Seattle all week for work, the boys and I stayed busy here. Here are some pictures from our weeks outings and adventures.

Last Saturday, Holden and Kevin turned into fishermen. Or at least in Holden's eyes they are real fishermen. I really wish I would have taken a picture of us buying all the equipment for this new fishing hobby. It was like the blind leading the blind except in this case I knew what to buy more than Kevin, which is a scary thought. But it all turned out fine and Holden caught 6 fish and a catfish that broke the line! Now the story between Kevin and Holden the catfish seems to grows larger in size each time I hear the story...which is a real fish tale!

New park and new friends

A day on the farm! My intention was to pick apples this week, however, when we got to the farm we were informed that you can only pick apples on the weekend. Bummer! Thankfully, this farm had tons of farm animals and a bakery that made this outing not such a bust after all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Rylan is One!!!

I can not believe that a year ago today, our little cupcake was born! Look, wasn't he a sweet baby!Rylan has been a sweet baby from day one. He loves to cuddle, he loves to be held, and is quite the little flirt. He has a great personality, except for the new screaming he just started. Now we enter the toddler stage! With our new skill of walking, Rylan has become a little adventurer. So much has changed this past year, but by far the birth of Rylan was the highlight.
And the big day would not be complete without a birthday party and cupcakes!

As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes! Just look at that little messy sweet face.

First Day of Preschool 2009

Another school year has begun. Holden started at his new preschool and love it! Which is a relief! I was a little nervous that he would be unsure of starting a new school but I was wrong. He was excited and looking forward to meeting new friends. This little man surprises me everyday.

Here are apple vases we made for his teachers to welcome them back.
And a day would not be complete without Back to School cookies.
Quote of the day: When I picked Holden up from school I asked if he had a good day and did he make new friends. His response, "Yes, it was fun and I have a new friend, her name is Molly. I am going to call her my girlfriend." I guess it was a good day at preschool if you come home with a girlfriend after the first day!

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

I have always been a big fan of the zoo, any zoo. I think it is just fun to visit different cities and see how their zoo compares to others. For example, every time we go to Tennessee we somehow always fit the Memphis Zoo into the plans. The Memphis Zoo happens to be one of my favorite but the Cincinnati Zoo is running a close race. Not only does the Cincinnati Zoo have different and unusual animals, but the grounds are beautiful since it is a Botanical Garden too.
We took the boys over the weekend and had so much fun. This zoo is huge! We were there shortly after they opened and did not leave until 2:30 and still were unable to see everything. Here are a couple of shots of the boys enjoying every minute of it!
Live demonstrations-you know Holden had to touch everything:)

Rylan LOVED the Sea Lions and Seals
Holden running through the Jungle