Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple Picking

After our failed attempt to go apple picking this week. We set out for a family outing to Irons' Fruit Farm this morning. And wow, there were so many apples to pick!
Unlike last year, the trees at this orchard were huge and hard to climb. So Holden used Daddy as his own personal ladder.And Rylan did not want to miss out on the action of picking apples. But I believe his favorite part was eating the apples rather than picking.
We ended up picking a bushel! I am already planning to make apple cobbler, homemade apple sauce, baked apples and probably some other tasty treats from today's fun fall outing. I really do love this time of year!


Christi said...

Looks like lots of fun! How's the new place?

Elizabeth said...

The new place is ok. The boys and I are trying to have some fun:) However, we still have not found a house yet!!! We either like the house but the lot is terrible and I am not willing to settle. So hopefully we will find something soon. It is hard to go from a house to an apartment especially when all of our belongings are in storage! Thanks for asking.