Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

I have always been a big fan of the zoo, any zoo. I think it is just fun to visit different cities and see how their zoo compares to others. For example, every time we go to Tennessee we somehow always fit the Memphis Zoo into the plans. The Memphis Zoo happens to be one of my favorite but the Cincinnati Zoo is running a close race. Not only does the Cincinnati Zoo have different and unusual animals, but the grounds are beautiful since it is a Botanical Garden too.
We took the boys over the weekend and had so much fun. This zoo is huge! We were there shortly after they opened and did not leave until 2:30 and still were unable to see everything. Here are a couple of shots of the boys enjoying every minute of it!
Live demonstrations-you know Holden had to touch everything:)

Rylan LOVED the Sea Lions and Seals
Holden running through the Jungle

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