Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jungle Jim's

After visiting Kevin at work, I need to pick up a couple of items from the store. Kevin suggested going to Jungle Jim's. What Kevin did not explain about the store is that it is HUGE and AMAZING beyond words. This store has a monorail, plant nursery, gourmet gift store, international market, mega wine cellar, pre-made foods, Amish baked goods, farmers market, post office, restaurant, Starbucks, this list could go on as much a the store did, an it did for miles. I am not exaggerating. This store is a field trip. There was something new around each corner like talking corn, swinging soup cans, a singing Elvis monkey, waterfalls with animals, and wonderful Amish pastries. (Holden was in treat heaven!)
I am so excited about our new discovery! Next time, I will go with a plan, it is too big not too. I think we were in shock. To go from thinking we were just going to the grocery store to this amusement like atmosphere was quiet overwhelming but as Holden would say, "it was awesome!"

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Christi said...

That looks awesome! Wish we had one!