Saturday, September 5, 2009


Bags are unpacked and we are somewhat settled at the apartment, it is time to have a little fun! We started what I like to call "the tours". Each week we are going to try new parks and new churches, hence "the tours". First park, Pine Hill Lake Park. It was a hit! Not to mention a beautiful park. This park has a beautiful fishing pond, ducks, paved walking/running trails, nature trail (Holden called the enchanted forest), a huge play set, water feature for the summer, I could go on and on. It was beautiful!

The second park, Corwin Nixon Park. As we drove up I noticed a sign that said the age group for this park was ages 5-12. But we were already here so it did not stop us. This one was different too. Rock walls, rope climbing, slides, walking/running trails. Not really gear for the boys but they had fun.

If you are wonder why the boy are wearing long sleeves and pants...the temperature at the beginning of the week was 50! Thankfully, it warmed up at the end of the week!

Next weeks agenda Cottell Park and Heritage Oak Park.

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Amy said...

Oh my gosh! That rock wall is SO cool!!
It really must be so fun to explore and enjoy all sorts of new places with the boys.
Looks like fun!