Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week Recap...

While Kevin was in Seattle all week for work, the boys and I stayed busy here. Here are some pictures from our weeks outings and adventures.

Last Saturday, Holden and Kevin turned into fishermen. Or at least in Holden's eyes they are real fishermen. I really wish I would have taken a picture of us buying all the equipment for this new fishing hobby. It was like the blind leading the blind except in this case I knew what to buy more than Kevin, which is a scary thought. But it all turned out fine and Holden caught 6 fish and a catfish that broke the line! Now the story between Kevin and Holden the catfish seems to grows larger in size each time I hear the story...which is a real fish tale!

New park and new friends

A day on the farm! My intention was to pick apples this week, however, when we got to the farm we were informed that you can only pick apples on the weekend. Bummer! Thankfully, this farm had tons of farm animals and a bakery that made this outing not such a bust after all.

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