Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Pumpkin Carving Night

Holden's preschool had a Family Pumpkin Carving Night. You bring your cleaned out pumpkins to school and carve them with all the other preschool families. Our intention was for the entire family to attend however, Rylan was sick. Kevin decided to stay at home with him. But I think from looking at my carving skills it should have been the other way around! I know Holden enjoyed introducing me to his buddies that attended. (I was a little worried that he was not making friends. Because some days I ask him who he played with and he says no one played with him! It breaks my heart! But it was good to see all the little boys running over to him to say hello and asking to play. What a relief!!) I think I need to work on my carving skills before this event rolls around again!

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