Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This past weekend we went to HallZOOween, at you guessed it, the zoo. The boys had a great time looking at the animals and visiting each treat station! Some of their favorite treats were, the bananas at the monkeys, ice cream at the polar bears, and cookies in the petting/children's area. Rylan favorite part of the day was picking out a baby pumpkin at the pumpkin patch while Holden's highlight was getting his face painted like batman. And they both enjoyed the train ride with all the blow up Halloween items to see. It was a fun time for all of us. However, I will note for next year not to get to the zoo when the event begins at 12:00 but rather later around 2:30 when the crowds were not as bad. It was crazy busy but then all of a sudden everyone left at once and the kids had more room to see the animals.
**And if you are wondering why the kids did not dress up. It is because Holden keeps going back and forth on what he wants to be for Halloween. I am hoping he will have a final decision this weekend so that they are NOT sold out of what he wants to be!**

Happy HallZOOween!

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