Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nature Boy!

Let me take a moment to give you all a visual of Friday. I picked Holden up from preschool in the pouring rain. Fridays are usually when the teachers send home all the art projects and such. In addition, we received the Scholastic book order. Ok, so I have my hands full. We get back to the apartment and I am carrying everything along with the umbrella, diaper bag, and Rylan. Have a mentioned we are staying on the 3rd floor! We get out of the car, in the rain, and Holden spots a worm. He insist that we have to save him and bring back to apartment. "Because he is all alone and needs a family" Holden was soak and wet but had that poor worm. I really do not see how where he gets his love of animals or better yet worms from? It really must be a boy thing!

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