Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our First Visit from the Grandparents

Dad-daddy and Grammy came last weekend for a visit. It had only been a month since we had seen them last but I think in "Grandparent time" it was more like a year. The boys were so excited to see both of them. While Kevin was working, Holden and Dad-daddy went fishing. Grammy opened her extra suitcase to show me what all she bought. Yes, Sadako brought an extra bag of just clothes she had bought for the boys! Can we say spoiled! And if that were not enough, I took Sadako to a store I found, Little Sprouts, and we shopped some more:) Here is a little more of what we did last weekend. Watched Florida play and win against Kentucky. Thankfully, Tim Tebow is recovering well! Took a field trip to Jungle Jim's only to discover International World, Robin Hood, and much much more, as you can see. This place is truly amazing!!

We had an early birthday party for Kevin. Oh yeah, and moved, only to a new apartment don't get too excited! It was a short but fun visit had by all!

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Christi said...

Do you feel like you're getting good at moving? Ryan and I moved 4 times in our first 3 years of marriage. It felt like I was really becoming a pro and helped me learn to minimalize a little bit. Less stuff, less to move :)