Thursday, November 26, 2009


This year, just like every year, we have so much to be thankful for, our family, friends, new friends that we meet, our health, home, and happiness. I truly believe that this is a time to look at everything in our lives and realize how blessed we really are. I could not ask for more! (except for maybe an easier/faster trip back to Ohio. It took forever to get to Atlanta!!)
At school Holden had to draw and say what he was thankful for. He said Mom and Dad. The budding artist drew this picture of us.(Note: I am the one smiling and long hair.) I was thrilled he named us. And I told him that he was so sweet. He replied, "Yes, because you buy me Happy Meals and they are my favorite!" I knew there was a catch!

Happy Thanksgiving from our little Turkey's to yours!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cowboy Blitzen Video

Holden loves to watch himself on video, so as we were pretending to ride the bull (the castle box) this video of Cowboy Blitzen (aka Holden) came about. This pretty much sums up my days. You will have to excuse the mess in the I said it is operation organization these days! Hope you enjoy the laugh as much as I have! Enjoy:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cowboy Holden

We unpacked the dress-up clothes over the weekend...introducing Cowboy Blitzen Holden. Yes, you may ask what kind of name is that? Well, that is what my bull rider/cowboy wants to be called! And yes, Blitzen just like the reindeer! I really do not know where he comes up with this stuff. One thing is fore sure, he really loves his outfit. He has wore it everyday to school, the grocery store, Target, and to bed! I think it is safe to say my little man has missed his cowboy outfit!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

Even though we have been busy settling in, the boys and I have tried to have a little fun celebrating before Thanksgiving. We've made Turkey Dogs, Pilgrim Hats and Turkey Gobblers. To be honest, I think I may have created a monster! Holden expects special lunches/treats each day! HA! What have I done! I guess I better get to planning some more special holiday treats. Happy Thanksgiving Eating!

Getting Settled....

Time to catch up! For the past week or so, I feel like all that we have done is unpack, sift through boxes, throw away boxes, organize, rearrange, you get the idea, it has been alot more work than I had planned! But I think the house is turning into a home soon enough! The actual moving day went smoothly, we had a great moving crew! Only a couple of items were scratched or broken, not too bad for being in storage over 2 months. Thankfully, Kevin's parents were here to help with he boys while I directed what to go where. And the visit would not be complete with out putting Dad-daddy to work installing a chandelier. I also feel like we had the entire welcoming committee come to our house, which was such a delight. We received this beautiful house warming basket for our realtor Jodie, from various neighbors we received muffins and a gift bag for Holden and Rylan, oatmeal cookies, and this Cincinnati favorites basket with tons of local treats. For a moment, I thought we were in the South.

While the house is a working progress, I decided to go ahead and decorate for Christmas. (as if I did not have enough to do, and why not just add to the mess) So, I will post pictures of the house next week with everything decorated but here are a couple of pictures of the family room and downstairs bathroom.(Note:It is a working progress! Pictures are not hung or drapes yet)

But the most important part of getting settled is getting back to our tradition of Friday Night Movie Night. As you can see, the boys are feeling right at home!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The day has FINALLY come!

The day has finally come. Yes, you guessed it...Moving Day! Our final walk through was tonight, we close tomorrow and our movers are scheduled for Friday morning. All we can say is YEAH!! The only pictures I got tonight were the boys running around the house and yard. You really would have thought that they had not seen grass, ever! But then they spotted the neighbors play set. Can we say envious?? I believe Santa is going to have to bring us a new one. (ours was part of the negotiation with the house sale in Georgia) I know this weekend is going to be alot of work but I am so looking forward to it!! Our sellers are the nicest, most organized people; they labeled the wires for surround sound, TV and such. Plus the house was immaculate! I really think the sellers husband may be Kevin's twin! (with his organizational skills and all) Oh, finally a place to call home! Wish us luck.