Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Settled....

Time to catch up! For the past week or so, I feel like all that we have done is unpack, sift through boxes, throw away boxes, organize, rearrange, you get the idea, it has been alot more work than I had planned! But I think the house is turning into a home soon enough! The actual moving day went smoothly, we had a great moving crew! Only a couple of items were scratched or broken, not too bad for being in storage over 2 months. Thankfully, Kevin's parents were here to help with he boys while I directed what to go where. And the visit would not be complete with out putting Dad-daddy to work installing a chandelier. I also feel like we had the entire welcoming committee come to our house, which was such a delight. We received this beautiful house warming basket for our realtor Jodie, from various neighbors we received muffins and a gift bag for Holden and Rylan, oatmeal cookies, and this Cincinnati favorites basket with tons of local treats. For a moment, I thought we were in the South.

While the house is a working progress, I decided to go ahead and decorate for Christmas. (as if I did not have enough to do, and why not just add to the mess) So, I will post pictures of the house next week with everything decorated but here are a couple of pictures of the family room and downstairs bathroom.(Note:It is a working progress! Pictures are not hung or drapes yet)

But the most important part of getting settled is getting back to our tradition of Friday Night Movie Night. As you can see, the boys are feeling right at home!

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