Sunday, December 13, 2009

Date with Mom-Princess & the Frog

I think Holden has been talking about Princess and the Frog for months now, he said "that is going to be "our" date. " But he does not really understand time, and he did not know that it was opening this weekend. As a surprise I had bought the color magic Princess and the Frog for him on Friday. He really loves these markers and coloring pages!!! For another surprise, Saturday morning I told him we were going to see the movie! I thought he was going to go crazy...he loves movies and popcorn. And I made special cookies for our date too. (Might I add, this was a last minute idea I had and I could not find a frog cookie cutter anywhere! These were the best I could do! Please don't laugh.)The movie was really cute and both of us really enjoyed our date together!

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